Eli Gershkovitch’s Contribution to Canadian Craft Beer

When you think of craft beer, does Canada come into your mind? Well, you may be part of the group that has not recognized the growing influence that Canada has on the international beer community. This reality became evident during the Open Beer Championship that was concluded in July in the United States. Canadian brewers staged an impressive show by taking home a total of 24 awards, making it the first non-American country to bag such envious awards.

Leading brewers in Canada like Cameron Brewing, Wellington Brewery, Niagara College Teaching Brewery, Lighthouse Brewing, Muskoka Brewery, Steam-works, and The Exchange Brewery have been giving competitors a run for their money in the beer industry. Flavors like English Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Foreign Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Vegetable Beer Berliner-Style Weisse, and American-Style Fruit Beer have gained popularity to the point of earning winsome awards in the Open Beer Championship in 2017.

A notable figure in the craft beer industry in Canada is Eli Gershkovitch, the founder, and CEO of Steam-works Group of Companies. Eli has been celebrated for putting the country’s craft beer on the international map through his ingenuity. He began building on his idea of craft beer when mega companies like Coors and Budweiser dominate the industry.

Although he studied to become an attorney, Eli developed a passion for craft beer after touring Europe where he observed the changing drinking behaviors. He opened the first pub in 1995 and became a pioneer in the Canadian stream brewing. His legal background was instrumental in helping him to navigate the legal complexities that were involved in opening such an enterprise in Canada. From an initial Wetbar with 184 sets, Eli expanded his business to 754 seats and in 2013, the enterprise expanded into a full-fledged brewery. Steam-works flavors like Pale Ale, Pilsner, and Flagship IPA has put Eli’s name on the list of Craft Beer Awards for two years in a row (About.me).

The rising popularity of Canadian craft beer is a result of the ingenuity and perfection of leaders like Eli. Before presenting the beer to consumers, Eli spends years testing and perfecting it. During the next beer awards, Eli is expected to lead other companies in staging a spirited competition against other leading global companies.

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