Gold Can Protect Your Investment Portfolio

There are many ways to invest in your financial future; the key is to find a way to protect all or at least part of those investments. Unfortunately, the world we live in is a very uncertain place. Issues that threaten your investment portfolio include, terrorism, global conflict, changes in foreign and domestic governments, the list goes on. Precious metals are a history proven hedge against volatile markets and one precious metal, in particular, continues to be the first choice for wise investors. Gold is unique in that it typically increases in value during times of uncertainty, as investors from every part of the world seek its proven stability.


Gold is a commodity that is not subject to the whims of governments; a government can just print more money during times of financial uncertainty and if that government eventually fails their currency has no value. Conversely, there is a limited amount of gold, and therefore it will always be supported by its scarcity. The uncertainty about how much gold remains undiscovered and the rising costs of mining guarantee gold will continue to be a precious commodity. Economies around the globe are struggling with economic uncertainties; this could lead to exceptional growth in the value of gold in the future.


Founded in 2001 U.S. Money Reserve is now among the largest private distributors of U.S. issued gold legal tender products in the world. U.S. Money Reserve has several hundred thousand clients who count on them to provide rare gold coins to diversify their assets with the physical possession of gold.


U.S. Money Reserve has a team of highly trained numismatic professionals (the science of coins and medals) that will guarantee their clients products that offer the highest profit potential. U.S. Money Reserve, led by a former director of the United States Mint is the only gold company in the world with this kind of leadership. U.S. Money Reserve enjoys an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance for its outstanding business practices and offers a full refund as long as the client follows certain criteria. U.S. Money Reserve goes above industry standards in its pursuit of providing superior customer service, realizing that a long-term relationship is beneficial to both parties.

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US Money Reserve Highlights Options With A Self-Directed IRA

According to US Money Reserve analysts, “More and more savvy individuals are taking advantage of IRA’s, yet the question here is your IRA working for you, or are you really working for your IRA.” Stocks, bonds and mutual funds, are not the only assets you can include in a retirement fund. You can also include multi-family real estate and precious metals like gold coins and bars. These options also offer deferred or tax-free benefits.


What is a an Individual Self-Directed IRA Retirement Account? It is a type that gives more flexibility to the investor to make investment decisions and investments in non-traditional assets. These can include all kinds of investments, yet the most popular kinds are real estate and precious metals. Many people are under the assumption that a retirement account should be exclusively set up with stocks and bonds and that’s a mistake. “Investors are favoring a self directed IRA account because of the tax treatment of the assets and investors have more control over the type of favorable investments in the account,” says a US Money Reserve analyst.


Opportunities With A Self-Directed IRA


Most investors are only looking to save a nest egg for their golden years, however, they fail to consider that it is possible to generate long-term cash flow and revaluation of capital by investing in multifamily real estate within their retirement plan. What’s more, they don’t round out their retirement plan with stable gold. When it comes to real estate, we’re not talking about buying shares in a public REIT, but rather investing in tangible, income-generating property with little or no debt. Once people are educated about the benefits of buying real estate through an IRA, they realize the opportunities that they’ve been missing out on, and the benefit of including cash flowing real estate in their retirement plan.


So Why Include Gold In An IRA?


Since the year 2000, the price of gold has had an upward trend, and even during times that were considered poor performance, the Gold price has quadrupled in the last 10 years.


Another tip from US Money Reserve analysts, when considering between the options, Gold coins provides more security to the investor since they are coined on both sides and there is no other currency that can be regarded as the safest way to invest.

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