Businessman Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in a family of businessmen, and spent the majority of his childhood in Ontario, Canada. Greg Aziz was destined for greatness from an early age. After completing his studies at Western University, he joined his family’s fresh food business, Affiliated Food Company. From 1971 through the 1980s, the company grew to become one of the world’s largest wholesale importers of fresh food from Europe, Central America, and South America, as well as distributing to all major US and North American markets.

After leaving Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz joined the New York banking sector and gained some business experience with various investment banking opportunities. Some say that this time in New York helped to shape the business acumen that would allow Aziz to build successful companies based on the principles of strategic management.

He purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 with the goal of transforming it into a leading manufacturer of North American railway trams. From the date of purchase, that is, from 1994 to 1999, the company’s manufacturing capacity has risen from 3,500 units a year to 12,000 units per year. Since 1994, Gregory Aziz has been Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car, making it a globally-recognized leader in the production of railway cars and modern freight engineering and manufacturing. By maintaining such a high quality of product, and a high degree of employee satisfaction, Gregory James Aziz manages to continue to sign deals and contracts with different rail carriers in Canada and the United States. View Additional Info Here.

Greg Aziz has become one of the leading businessmen in Ontario, Canada, because of his foresight, business management expertise, community service support, and good relationships with employees. In addition to the high profile he holds in National Steel Car, Greg Aziz is also chairman of the several other high-profile companies. National Steel Car was one of the first, and still just one of the few railway engineering and manufacturing companies in North America that has passed ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which it has now won the honor of having been granted recertifications for, for the past 18 years.


Thousands of past and present employees, as well as their children, participate in the National Steel Car Christmas Party each year, and are encouraged to participate in the company’s food drive that supports local food banks. The food drive brings back connections to his family’s wholesale food business, which will always remain dear to his heart.



National Steel Car and the Magic CEO Gregory Aziz

The life and work of Gregory James Aziz have shown the remarkable impact that a dedicated businessman can have on the global stage. James Aziz was born in London, Ontario on April 30 in 1949. With his entire life ahead of him, there is no way that the baby Aziz could possibly know the large impact he would have in Hamilton, Ontario. Greg Aziz immediately showed a head for business and as soon as he was old enough, he enrolled at Ridley College, majoring in economics. He eventually transferred to the University of Western Ontario, where he received his undergraduate degree.


But this was just the first step for James Aziz, he had his eye on a bigger prize. In 1971, he joined his family’s company Affiliated Foods. This wholesale food distributor had become a worldwide importer of fresh foods, setting them apart from their competition and increasing their revenue streams. Aziz got his first taste of growth and power within a successful company there. He looked at his time with Affiliated Foods as a period of growth. He would use the knowledge he learned while working there to build his own company. Eventually, he left Affiliated Foods and started working as an investment banker in New York City. While this opportunity gave him a lot more experience, Aziz wanted to grow his own company.


In 1994, Aziz would finally receive his chance to start working on his own company when he saw that a former leading railroad freight car manufacturer, National Steel Car, had been put on the market. Aziz immediately purchased the company and appointed himself CEO. He started looking at ways that he can improve the company that was on the verge of significant decline. Aziz found that quality of the product was more important than quantity, so he started overhauling the way that rolling stock was being produced within National Steel Car.


In two short years, National Steel car received the TTX SECO award for their high-quality products. This is an honor that they still hold today, along with being the only company certified ISO 900I: 2008. Both distinctions set National Steel car apart from their competitors and has earned them an international reputation. To this day, the company is still considered one of the world’s leading railroad freight manufacturers and engineering companies. Gregory Aziz took his charge with National Steel Car very seriously, he grew the company into something that Hamilton, Ontario could be proud of. It’s exciting to see what he has in store next.  Visit This Page to learn more.