Hard Work And Dedication Of Dr. Roseann Bennett


Together, Dr. Roseann Bennett and Dr. Todd Bennett, have made it their life’s work to make sure everyone who needs counseling and mental health services would be given the help they need regardless of their financial or insurance situation. They started the non-profit organization-Center for Treatment and Assessment-about eight years ago, and also works in Family Therapy, Individual Therapy (including children) and Marriage Counseling.


They are now embracing the newest thing in health care; Telemedicine, you can communicate with the doctors via an email, a text message, or even face-to-face via the internet. This is a way in which to help people who are not able to come to the office, live far away, or have a busy schedule which makes it difficult to come in, it also helps if you need to communicate with a specialty doctor whose office is far away. Some situations work using this method such as in a counseling situation, while other situations are better off being held in person. Refer to This Article for more information.


With all the tragedies going on today, businesses and schools are now learning the importance of getting their employees and students help when they are having issues. No one wants another shooting at a school or office because no one got them help when they needed it. Preventive help is now what doctors are working on instead of things getting out of hand. It is important to help people with mental health assistance or simply dealing with stress and anger.


Dr. Roseann Bennett has an extensive education, which includes her Master’s Degree as well as her Education Specialist Degree in Children, Family, and Marriage Counseling, as well as her license in all three of these areas. She continued on to receive her Cognitive Behavior Therapy license and is Certified as a Clinical Trauma Doctor as well as getting Certified in Child and Adolescent Trauma.


Bennett has over a decade of experience working in all of these areas as well as understanding and dealing with most mental health issues. As is that was not enough, she is also a contributing writer in various newspapers and magazines.


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