Find Some Of The Lowest Prices On Services At FreedomPop

Many people are so adamant that they want to stay with the same phone company that they have no intentions of moving to another company, even if better prices are available with another company. It should come as no surprise that companies like AT&T and Verizon have very loyal customers who wouldn’t leave them, even when the prices for their services are raised. Many feel that they can get the best rates from these companies, but there are other wireless service providers out there who can beat the prices of these major companies hands down. FreedomPop is one company in particular with low prices.


As seen in any FreedomPop review, having low prices is a given and is something that they have always strived for and have been able to deliver to customers over the years. With six years of experience under their belt, there are millions of people who now know about FreedomPop and use the services regularly. The free cell phone service has its place in the cell phones of many customers because of its ability to give them free phone calls, text messages, and data. The service includes 200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of 4G LTE data.


Any GSM phone that will be used with FreedomPop must be accompanied by a FreedomPop sim card, which can be purchased online at a very low cost. Those needing a cell phone can also purchase one online from FreedomPop or can get one in a retail store, such as Walmart, that’s meant specifically for FreedomPop services. The other low-priced services that FreedomPop has are the unlimited plan and the unlimited everything plan.


With the unlimited plan, one only has to pay $10.99 monthly for unlimited talk and texts, and they’ll also be given 500 MB of data. Those who want the unlimited everything plan will only pay $19.99 and will receive unlimited data, talk, and texts on a monthly basis. Since data tends to be something that many are concerned about the free plan and the unlimited plan, anyone can purchase additional data for only two cents per megabyte, or they can use Wi-Fi to get more data. FreedomPop also has offers and surveys that can be completed to earn any customer more data.