Nathaniel Ru was born on May 3, 1985. He is the co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen Firm. He graduated from Georgetown University’s school of business in 2007. The same year, together with two other graduates of the same university, they started the Sweetgreen firm located in Georgetown. The main aim of the company was to provide a solution in the kitchen. They intended to make the food available locally and adhere to the budget of the regular clients.


Moreover, it got facilitated by the need of seeing a strong nation. It would be made possible by providing food that fits the requirement of the consumer. Currently, the firm enjoys huge success and now has over 60 branches.


About the firm


It’s a fast food joint. A delicious and modern, tasty life fulfilling experience that ensures you get food and in a cost-friendly manner. Its enormous success has seen it become a reference to all those that intended to start a related business. Mr. Nathaniel points out that they have achieved such tremendous success in a short time by the timing of the opening of the stores. He says that initial stages they targeted the customers along 23rd street but have diverted their services to cover the neighborhood as there arise a group of clients who needed more than lunch, they also serve supper and breakfast. The urge to satisfy them is what facilitated the expansion.


He believes good customer care practice brings a sense of relief to the customers and makes them increase. He says they design their services in the most convenience way possible with the help of the technology to ensure maximum satisfaction to its clients. He further stresses that being a service industry they show their customers the processes from the preparation of food to the last of serving it.

The wait is not long. It takes about 15 minutes where a member walks you through the process. It may take long, but the customer gets the right thing he wants. Afterward, the order gets made. They have further created an app that will ensure clients make the order at their convenient time.


He says they get their raw materials direct from farmers where before opening any store they enquire whether they can get the supply of the required products. They achieve this by following the custom of buying what the farmers are planting hence avoiding wastage. He attributes this as the factor behind much success of the organization.