Brian Torchin, Helping Qualified Job Seekers Enter the Healthcare Industry

Brian Torchin is a chiropractor that plays a significant role in the success of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He is an experienced professional that helps job seekers apply their skills in the healthcare industry.

Not only will the company help you find a job, they also provide search services and career consultations. Clients of Torchin describe him as a true professional that provides solutions for those qualified candidates. He is very detail oriented with a positive outlook about the world.

Torchin works with clients in Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States. Brian applies his expertise in methods of expedience, consultation and direction. He provides his clients with fast and efficient solutions and is available 24/7 to answer any of their questions.

Brian doesn’t let his busy schedule stiffen him to branch out in other areas. He publishes articles on the Healthcare Recruitment Counselors blog consistently.

He writes on a variety of topics such as marketing, what questions you may be asked in an interview, tips on hiring qualified employees and the hiring of nurses or physician assistants. Brian Torchin studied at the University of Delaware majoring in exercise science.

He went on to attend the New York Chiropractic College until graduating in 1995. Shortly thereafter, he became a licensed board certified chiropractor. Torchin opened his own clinic in Philadelphia. He now is the head of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors.

HCRC also operates and staffs in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He also has a background in physical therapy and sports medicine. Regardless of his busy schedule he still practices as a chiropractor.