Avaaz presence continues to be felt in different parts of the globe

Avaaz is a powerful online activist network that was launched in the year 2007. The mission for the Avaaz activist group is simple; to organize citizens from all walks of life to seal the gap between the world we are living in and the world that we want. The word Avaaz means ‘voice’ in various Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages.

Avaaz online activist group mobilizes and empowers millions of people from all walks of life to speak on various issues affecting them that include corruption, bad governance, climate change, animal rights, human rights, violence, and poverty.

Their strategy of using the internet allows the combination of thousands of individual efforts, however small from different people across the globe to achieve a particular goal. When these small efforts are combined from around the world, it then creates a more powerful collective force that can help to make things right.

Avaaz online community carries out its campaigns in fifteen different languages. The campaigns are served by a core team of six continents and thousands of volunteers. The members take action by signing petitions, calling, emailing, lobbying governments and organizing offline events and protests.

The Avaaz movement has experienced a meteoric increase in popularity since it was launched in 2007. The movement has more than eight million members, and the numbers are rising fast with each passing day. The movement has taken more than thirty million actions since its establishment, and the members have told more than sixty million of their friends about Avaaz campaigns.

The campaigns have raised more than fifteen million dollars online, and they have organized more than ten thousand rallies so far. Avaaz group employs 40 staff, and the rest are volunteers. The movement’s activities are 100 percent funded by the members.

Their campaigns have received coverage in most of the renowned media houses across the world, and they have helped to change major decisions by the governments on issues affecting citizens. Their campaigns have also helped to change millions of lives where there have been natural disasters. To know more about Avaaz click here.