Southridge Capital is a private equity firm based in Connecticut. It provides securities brokerage services and investment banking to small and middle market companies. It was founded in 1996. Since 1996 the company has made a direct investment of 1.8 billion dollars. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Southridge, Stephen Hicks, set the strategic direction that the company follows.

Southridge helps companies to acquire lines of credit since it works with the creditors to remove debt in favor of common stock. The Southridge structure is executed depending on the liquidity in the company’s stock and does not require a registration statement thus benefiting companies. Southridge’s solutions to companies that need capital include monetizing the company’s assets. It also provides several solutions to fiscal issues of their portfolio companies. Each resolution is made depending on the situation.

In July 2015, Stephen Hicks made it clear that the Southridge Partners II entered into a deal with Elite Data Services on equity purchase. Elite Data Services has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Elite Data Services is a company which puts software applications to market. It also advertises the assets that they own and control. Hicks cited that Southridge was confounded to investing in companies that offer innovative products such as Elite Data Services.

Southridge Capital also acquired Double Alpha Group which is a renowned New York-based trading hedge fund. Acquiring the Double Alpha Group enabled Southridge to offer a variety of products to their existing and expanding investors. Stephen Hicks stated that five factors made Double Alpha Group different from other companies. One of them was the experience since it has been in existence since 1994. The portfolio manager, Dante D’Orazio has been with the company since 1997. Southridge had also created different offerings to suit different risk tolerances.

Southridge Partners also entered into an equity purchasing agreement with eLayaway, Inc in 2012. eLayaway is the mother company of DivyTech, Inc. It markets layaway payment processing and management services. Southridge looks for investments in growing areas that are emerging both locally and internationally. It took part in availing more than 1.7 billion dollars in capital to Asia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom among others.

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Malcolm CasSelle Launches Into Crypto Via Game Skins and Virtual Assets

OPSkins is the largest bitcoin market out there, and Malcolm CasSelle is their CIO. The marketplace boasts an impressive selection of virtual assets available for sale or trade, with a focus on game items such as weapon skins. They have an impressive community surrounding the marketplace, with an exorbitant amount of micropayments handled on a daily basis. The primary focus of OPSkins isn’t their large community of sellers and traders though, or even bitcoin, but rather on creating a strong, decentralized marketplace which doesn’t rely on any third party influence or government regulation. This decentralization has led to further success for them, especially over international borders, where government interference usually makes it a challenge to make virtual transactions.

One of the most important elements of OPSkins market is Malcolm CasSelle’s own project, one with the focus of overcoming a prior reliance on centralization. That element, of course, is WAX. WAX is a blockchain platform built for the sole purpose of handling virtual asset transactions in a safe, efficient, and, above all, decentralized manner. The platform was built on advanced blockchain technology and utilizes specialized smart contracts, which allow it to play as the host to a decentralized token-based platform which processes virtual asset transactions. But, perhaps more impressively, the platform allows literally anyone to create their own fully-functioning marketplace, as well as operating it independently, without concerning themselves with any of the issues that traditional bank-reliant payment methods bring.

About Malcolm CasSelle

The man behind it all is Malcolm CasSelle. A technological prodigy, an accomplished entrepreneur, and a tech investor with years of experience, he’s certainly qualified for the task of running his own crypto empire. He acts as the president of WAX, and as the CIO of OPSkins, putting his valuable skills and experience to practical use.

Before he became part of the crypto scene, he had gone to Stanford and MIT, earning degrees in computer science. Under his leadership, a number of startups, such as Xfire and MediaPass, have prospered, and he had also acted in leadership positions with a number of esteemed tech companies, from SeaChange and tronc to Timeline Labs and his own Hong Kong telecom, PCCW.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Earns An Award Through Hard Work At Bradesco Bank

Four years ago, Brazil’s economy was in trouble because of the harsh financial times. The recession is just clearing up and the country is reclaiming its financial independence. As usual, this has a lot to do with the banking system. The banking system controls the circulation of money in the country. Until now, Brazil is just dealing with the impending political as well as economic challenges. Michel Termer made some successful strategies that were useful when he was the vice president. However, things have taken a negative direction. Towards this end, Brazil has employed the talent of experienced persons in regaining the economic foothold.

Banking In Brazil

Temer has had negotiations with some of Brazil’s leaders and financiers as well as policy makers. The idea is to have many trading chances. The history of recession in Brazil directs all forms of communication to ending recession. With the economic challenges, it is almost impossible to enjoy life. That is why somebody like Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is highly regarded for the input he has in the Brazilian economy. In the recovery of most businesses in Brazil, Luiz has played instrumental roles. He is a leader and has vast experience in what he does to the banking system.

Trabuco and Banking In Brazil

The businesses have been regaining momentum with most entrepreneurs looking for viable economic ideas to put money to. The banking industry constitutes some of the leading investors with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Bradesco being a lead executive in the industry. The banks have now shifted to offering fair loans and enlightening masses on the key benefits of investing in diversified portfolios. The banks are now making money with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi assisting masses. He is known to be wise in offering the best investment advice and assisting masses to make the right decisions. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi works for Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil. The government owned institution is not only profit making generated. The management is defined by its passion to uplift citizens. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi works as the lead executive. He is in charge of critical decision making and has an upper hand in chairing most of the sensitive issues. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is wise in his actions. He channels grievances to the appropriate channels for solutions to be found.


Career Path

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was raised in Marilia, Sao Paulo. He was born in 1951 and his career has been filled with determination and a rare type of focusing. He attended the famous Sao Paulo University and has been on the lead of garnering knowledge to better his society. Perhaps, his dedication is owed to the fact that he always envisioned a better society. At a young age, he secured employment and focused on advancing his education. Luiz Carlos Trabuco secured employment at Bradesco in 1984. He has since grown the company by focusing on better deals for client retention. He landed his first executive role as vice president in 1999.


In 2003, Bradesco needed a president. Being that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had extensive experience, he was poached for the position. His job description involved making critical decisions on profit generation. Luiz moved the bank to better performance levels. He diligently handled the insurance division in a way that most clients recommended their acquaintances to the bank. As the bank made more profits, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was lucky to land a better executive role as the chief executive officer. He is not the fourth lead executive of the firm and has been working hard to the point of earning positive public recognition. He was given the personality of the year award in order to honor his works as a huge contributor to the economy of Brazil.

George Soros Moves From Refugee To One Of The World’s Most Influential Political Figures

The Hungarian born investment specialist George Soros has become one of the world’s leading political figures over the course of the last two decades after becoming a leading donor to liberal and Democratic candidates and causes. Soros has taken a liberal view for the majority of his life after living for a prolonged period of time under the rule of a series of dictatorships following the occupation of Hungary by the Nazi’s during World War II and the Communist regime of Joseph Stalin; in the 21st century Soros has largely focused on his own charitable Open Society Foundations and ignored political giving until a series of global events led to Soros making a $25 million investment in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle. Learn more about his profile at

George Soros made his initial political splash as a donor during the 2004 election season when his $27 million in donations to the campaign of Democrat John Kerry made him the hero of the left and a polarizing figure for those on the right of the political spectrum; during the election campaigns run by President Barrack Obama, George Soros decided to remove himself from the issues of major donors being giving a major level of political influence for parties on both the right and left of U.S. politics. Politico reports Soros himself believes the political influence of major donors has grown to great and should be curbed by bringing an end to the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision; in a bid to achieve this aim, George Soros has become one of the supporters of the “End Citizen’s United” PAC that limits its donors to a maximum donation of just $5,000. In 2016, George Soros began to view the global political situation as in a delicate state that required a large amount of work and the correct politicians to take up positions of power across portions of Europe and North America. George Soros believed Democrat and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the correct person to take on the challenges of a rising far right influence on global politics because of the policies she was to put into place before the victory of Republican Donald J. Trump. Read more at Washington Times.

Soros himself has always kept a close eye on the issues facing refugees and the dispossessed across the world, which has led to the recent Syrian refugee crisis affecting the European Union in a negative way. As a 17 year old, George Soros left his home in Hungary to travel to the U.K. to attend the London School of Economics where the financial career of the hedge fund icon led to the Hungarian born 86 year old building a personal fortune of an estimated $26 billion, according to Forbes.

Capital Group Succession And Growth

Timothy Armour performs his functions as the head of the capital group. The capital group is the center of the American funds, and he is one of the hardworking fund managers in the world. Armour succeeded James Rothenberg as the chairman of the Capital Group.

Just recently, Timothy Armour was working the head of the company’s management committee. The firm manages more than $ 1.25 trillion of customers. Most of the money is in equity mutual funds. He joined the capital group after he was through with his college education at Middlebury College, which is located in Vermont. His good education has made him be a hero in active management.

James Rothenberg, who is a former chairman of the company, joined the firm in 1970, and he has been helpful in the expansion of the company worldwide. According to Armour, the company’s strength mainly comes from its pool of talents who are capable of delivering long-term investment results.

Capital Group recently made an announcement of its strategic partnership it has launched with the Samsung Asset Management. The association is meant to enhance its global investments and asset management products that are aimed specifically for the Korean Market.

Many renowned analysts, including Janet Yang, have recently given the Capital Global an excellent rating for its endurance.

According to Yang, the Capital Group, which has more than 7000 employees, has continued in the advancement of sound investing and creation of reliable results. In the report, she claims that Capital Global will continue being a solid model of robust investment culture, which has been made possible by long-term managers such as Armour.

Before joining Capital Global as the Chairman, Armour performed his duties as the equity investment analyst, equity portfolio manager and global telecommunications expert. Most of the asset managers including Armour are, however, skeptical that the entry of Donald Trump is going to end the sluggish economic growth, which has resulted in subdued interest rates in the country.

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