Doe Deere, A Unicorn Amongst The Living

Doe Deere, the self-proclaimed “Unicorn Queen”, is the creator and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. She is out to prove that makeup is not just for beauty, but also for a form of expression. Starting out as a self-run online business, her company has grown drastically to be a household name with nearly 4.5 million Instagram followers.


She was born in Russia and raised in New York City. With the idea that she would become a fashion designer, she attended the Fashion Institute Of Technology. After dropping out of college, she created her eBay page, limecrime, in 2004 to sell her own clothing designs. She modeled all of the clothing herself. However, she was having difficulty finding the right shades of makeup to match the outfits. Thus, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born.


The cosmetics line, created in 2008, isn’t just your ordinary makeup line. The unicorn-inspired makeup has bright, bold colors not found in many other brands. It is also cruelty-free and vegan. But what makes the line even more unique is that it was one of the first cosmetic brands to be sold mainly online. Deere had the idea that, when correctly marketed, selling makeup online would be extremely profitable. And right she was. One of the marketing strategies used, an on-lip lipstick swatch, is now widely used by many other online companies.


Since the success of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has continued to be an entrepreneur and has stated that entrepreneurship is one of her biggest passions. Since she owns one herself- Lime Crime started out small and she gained success on her own-, she is a huge advocate for female-run businesses. She has also become a public speaker, speaking on finding yourself and following your passions. She has spoken at PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay,s Satrdust tour, to name a few. She is also a mentor for other female entrepreneurs.


Recently, Lime Crime was acquired by Tengram Capital Partners. Deere announced that she would step down as CEO of the company, but would join the board of directors and remain highly involved in the company.

Get Fit with Fabletics

If you’re looking for fashion, fitness, and fun, try on Fabletics on for size. This athleisure line will have you looking great, keep your wardrobe fresh, and save you time and money in the process! The company not only has great looks, but a rich history as well. Starting out as a smaller operation, the company needed a fresh face that would well represent what it stands for. Kate Hudson was a perfect fit for the role. Being friendly and dedicated to keeping in style and in shape, they approached her for the job. She accepted and has not only been a “face” for the brand, but she turned out to be a great business person too.


She was involved in styling the brand and took it upon herself to work on quality and customer service. These endeavors proved to be fruitful. The company went from having to dump a large shipment, to being one of the highest quality brands around. Using the “reverse showroom” technique enhanced customer service. The company uses a monthly subscription service to save time and money. Should the customer need something right away or have an exchange or return, they’re easily able to handle it at a retail store. This is also great for those uncertain about subscribing. Being able to see the product prior to paying, they can feel confident they’ve made the right choice.


Fabletics not only has athleisure but several other product lines as well. Their shoe line, men’s line, and kid’s line are just a few of the many other products available. With something for everyone, it’s one-stop shopping right at your fingertips. A lifestyle quiz helps shoppers find the perfect match for their fitness preferences and style. After answering a few questions, you’ll get a sampling of what’s in store. The main website address, showcases the entire line. If you’re looking to get started or get an idea what would look best, you can access the quiz at


Fabletics has also added Demi Lovato to the line of designers. Liking what the company stands for, she was excited to start the project. Looking and feeling great has never been so easy or versatile. Head on over to the website and get a fresh start by adding Fabletics to your wardrobe today!

Representing Austin, Texas’ Best Models and Talent

The Austin, Texas area is home to some of the brightest and most promising models and talent that the country has to offer. At the forefront of Austin’s model and talent representation industry, stands the renowned Brown Agency. Founded in the spring of 2010 by Justin Brown, the Brown Agency is one of the leading model and talent agencies in all of Texas. Shortly after the agency was launched, it secured highly prestigious talent contracts with many of the largest and most recognized commercial brand names, including Toyota Motors, Louis Vuitton Fashion, Loreal Cosmetics, Dell Computers, and a lot more. In the model industry, Justin Brown catapulted many of his agency’s modeling ensemble to the very top of the fashion world, with many of these gorgeous beauties gracing fashion magazines, billboards, and television-based advertisements around the globe.


What makes Justin Brown so good at marketing his agency’s growing and diverse talent pool, is his vast wealth of personal experience within the industry. During his college days, Justin paid his tuition by modeling and working at a local modeling agency. While Justin had tons of fun working as a fit model for many different local clothing lines, it was the behind the scenes action of the model representation business that intrigued him the most. After completing his college degree in business management, he worked his way through the industry to ultimately start his very own company, the Brown Agency. Using this wealth of hands-on experience, Justin has become one of the most qualified individuals in the industry to lead fresh talent to lucrative and prestigious contracts.


At the Brown Agency, you can find one of the most diverse portfolios of talent on the planet. Whether it be gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or body type, the Brown Agency shines due to contracting talent from Austin’s very cosmopolitan and extremely diverse demographic makeup. The agency features local talent with backgrounds originating in Israel, China, Japan, the Philippines, Iraq, Ireland, the Greater United States, Vietnam, Italy, and many other places. In addition to being home to a wide array of different models and talents, the agency also features a large roster of beautiful plus size models. Even body type is no limitation for the Brown Agency, as they’ve been known to work with an assortment of varied individuals. For more details visit Crunchbase.


While many prominent talent agencies work with adults only, the Brown Agency is extremely proficient in landing contracts for child models and talent. In the recent years, the Brown Agency has represented several children that are absolutely destined to become A-level supermodels. Additionally, the agency has also landed a large number of commercial and theatrical talent and modeling contracts for children and young adults.



Fabletics and Kate Hudson Work Together to Make a Great Brand

The Fabletics has grown a lot since they first started. They have shown people what they are capable of while they are also making sure they are as successful as what other fashion companies can be. Fabletics knows what it takes to be a successful company because they have grown from being a semi-successful company to one that has the best options possible. It is part of what has made things easier for people who are customers of Fabletics. Everyone knows what they can get if they have a chance to help all of the others who are in the same situation. It has helped them make things better as they continue to grow and profit from the business.


Fabletics, as a brand, has done a lot since they started. They have tried their best to show customers what will change and what they can get from the situations they are a part of. They have also made sure they are showing people the right things they need to make the company better. As long as Fabletics is doing things the right way, they are offering the best experiences possible to all the customers they have. It has helped them make all the right choices even when other companies might struggle on their own.


For people like Kate Hudson to be a part of the brand, it means they are something truly special. Kate Hudson does not spend a lot of time promoting other brands. She takes things very seriously when it comes to the brands she is an ambassador of. Kate Hudson knows just what people need to make things better for themselves. She is an ambassador for Fabletics because she likes the brand and sees a lot of value in it. She also sees her position as one that can help women get the best experience possible.


Since Fabletics has joined forces with Kate Hudson, she has made sure she can help everyone with the issues they would normally have. She wants people to know she is working hard on her brand so she doesn’t have to worry about everything that can happen on her own. She also knows there are many different things that can come from having a great brand. Fabletics also knows having an ambassador like Kate Hudson is a great move since it is what has helped them gain a lot of trust with the people who they work with.


Even though there are some issues with other companies in the athleisurewear industry, there are none of these issues with people who use Fabletics. The company has made sure they are giving all of their customers the time they need. They also like to make sure their customers are satisfied in every way possible. By going to great lengths to make their customers as happy as possible, Fabletics has made sure they are going to help people and get more from the situations they have created in every line of business they have started.

Huge Growth With Fabletics

Anyone who does any shopping online is well aware of the presence that Amazon has. This is true for both businesses and customers. Amazon controls about 20% of the marketplace when it comes to fashion. Even with such a large online presence, newcomer Fabletics is not shying away from the competition. They are doing the opposite and have grown every year since they have started.


Fabletics is an online athletic wear company that was started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Their spokesperson is Kate Hudson, and the three of them have been a winning combination. Fabletics began due to an issue Don Ressler found in his personal life.


In October 2013, Fabletics went live. The online store was opened, and customers were invited to shop the inventory. From the start, Fabletics wanted to be a company that provided good quality clothing at a decent price. The clothes were trendy and were items that people would want to wear.


To be able to provide the best clothing and choices for their customers, Fabeltics gets to know their customers. They use a subscription service for their customers. Customers sign up and are asked questions to determine their needs and their wants. The site can then cater the choices offered to customers based on their answers. This allows each customer a customized shopping experience each time they visit the website.


Fabletics has seen outstanding growth in the three years they have been in business. Because of this, they are expanding even more. They have opened a few physical locations across the country and will be opening more stores in select locations. Based on the online data that has been provided to Fabletics, the company knows where their customers are and what locations would thrive.


By opening physical locations after being based solely online, Fabletics is doing the traditional process backward. But by having a thriving website first, Fabletics is at a large advantage. They have loyal customers before any physical location is even in place. Research has shown that between 30% and 50% of people who set foot into a Fabletics store is already a customer of the products.


It is no secret the presence that Amazon has in the fashion market. This can scare some companies away. Fabletics took what could be a problem and used it as motivation. With Amazon being so large, Fabletics needed to find a way to shine and they did just that. They took a different approach, and they have been thriving ever since. Fabletics may be a new company but they are growing and are here to stay.

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