A Summary Of Robert Deignan’s Business Profile

Robert Deignan is among the few people that have managed to combine both their passions and live comfortably. The IT expert who is passionate about excellent customer care co-founded Advanced tech services, a digital service provider in 2011 after he realized that the available digital providers treated their clients like a nuisance. Before this, he had worked as the managing director of is3, an anti-malware organization that focused on technical support and computer optimization.

He attended the Purdue University on a full football Scholarship where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Organizational leadership. Immediately after graduation, he played for the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins for three years before he concentrated on the business of technology and established Fanlink. While at the anti-malware company Robert Deignan and his colleagues found a solution to the machines malware and thought of charging a fee to install a software to stop the malware thus giving birth to ATS.

Robert sources for experienced personnel to join his team of experts and teaches them about the company’s values to ensure that they maintain good customer services. Under his guidance, ATS managed to accomplish all the 39 parameters required for call centers certification. His main aim is to let all his customers know that they are well taken care of when it comes to matters in technology. ATS deals with a wide range of issues ranging from mobile phone hitches to Mounting TV in their client’s homes.

In his Opinion, Robert Deignan would preferably employ a person who isn’t smart enough but is hardworking and will comply with the company’s culture. In one of his interviews, he said that his best trend was the fact that most people were more welcoming to the idea of using remote technologies to solve any issue with their computers. Robert recommends “Rework” a book that has helped him maneuver through the harsh business environment because according to him, it could get a little challenging and the book provides a more straightforward approach. He also attributes his productivity to Quickbooks online, software that gives him a chance to update and check reports anywhere as long as he has internet access.



Ara Chackerian justification about entrepreneurship

Ara Chackerian is known to have lived an exemplary life as an entrepreneur. His career lives have been all about entrepreneurship and investments. He is a diverse person since he is an investor, and entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is the founder of the TMS Health solutions that are focused on finding treatments for the people who are suffering from resistance in depression treatments. In one of the interviews with Ara Chackerian, he says that he was lucky to be brought up by the kind of the parents his parents were because they trained him since he was a young boy how to thing loudly and harder to be able to have ideas that can be helpful to him in life. He says that this is one of the factors that stimulated him to be who he is today.

Today, Ara Chackerian is also the managing partner at ASC capital holdings that is focused on supporting the early stage healthcare companies. He has also been a committed and dedicated member of a significant number of companies, for example, the TMS Health Solutions and Mint Medical Education. For more info you can visit pipelinerx.com



As a diverse person, Ara Chackerian also invested in environmental Conservation and preservation through Reforestation in Limonapa SA. He has been a very helpful person in the society especially through his philanthropic work and his advice as a mentor to other entrepreneurs.

As a focused entrepreneur, Ara Checkerian believes that to be successful, you must have the ability to chose the right company for. You should have the ability to know the difference that people bring in you for you to chose who your partners in the business should be. The successful and focused partners will give the challenge and the motivation to work hard to reach where they are.

He also believes that as an entrepreneur you can turn your life experiences to come up with new ideas. Be positive in life and even if you go through hard times in life, turn them into positive ideas and this way you will be in a position to do great things in life. You can check out vimeo.com to see more.



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Malcolm CasSelle Big Dreams Come True

Malcolm CesSelle graduated from MTI with a Bachelor’s Degree and pursued his masters at Stanford University, where he graduated with a masters in computer and science. He is an outgoing person who learns fast and therefore he speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.


Malcolm CasSelle is the current CEO of Technology and president of New Ventures. New Ventures, which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing and is located in tronc, Inc. Malcolm was also the senior vice president of Digital Media of SeaChange International. He was at one point worked as the General Manager in the same company. Malcolm joined SeaChange International in 2015 as an acquisition of Timeline and served as the CEO.


Apart from working with SeaChange, Malcolm also worked with various companies including Xfire that deals with social network, MediaPass and Groupn’s joint that is located in China: Groupon deals with gaming and messaging in China. Malcolm has also contributed much to the creation of Bitcoin, which is doing very well recently, Facebook and Zynga. Malcolm is a passionate individual who realized much while working as a director in Hong Kong capital investment union.


Malcolm has also invested in WAX, which is simply Worldwide Asset eXchnge meant to allow people participate in virtual game around the globe. The company has reduced transaction costs, and this has pulled many investors to venturing into many virtual businesses unlike before. The company halos tokenization of products, which has created an accessible opportunity in the market for many investors around the globe.


Malcolm has been praised by many because of his optimism and dedication towards work. Many who have worked with him have attested that he is a role model and inspirational one. He is a gifted entrepreneur and a natural leader in terms of communication and keeping up to the dates the goals, mission and vision of any company he is employed in. Malcolm has an extraordinary EQ and IQ, which has left him incredible and exceptional. He has good experience in networking and connecting with new people. He is one kind person who is ready to volunteer and inspire others with business ideas and life skills.


All About Bridget Scarr

In the field of visual art and the industry of creativity, Bridget Scarr is a woman and an individual who stands out in the crowd. She does this with such resilience as to know the pain of closing a business and starting all over to find success again. She now works for a number of purposes but they all have a single goal to give her thoughts and ideas a home and a place to mingle with others.


But on the hierarchy of organized artistic endeavors Bridget Scarr is not just the talent she also holds producer titles and runs her own organization named Colibri. Along with this business, she also functions as a cofounder to other businesses. But at the heart of it all, she is also a mother and head of household who believes in family coming first and takes care of home absolutely every day.


However, when she is not making sure that her houses is in order, which she does so every day at noon because makes an important difference, Bridget Scarr does so mush more. She manages teams that can range from 5 to over 200 individual creative souls. This can be stressful on a person’s mind body and spirit. So, to this end, she believes in one single practice daily without fail. She practices meditation everyday. As matter fact, it is the first thing she does every single day.


This deep meditation keeps all of the cylinders fired up in her mind. And, that is absolute must have when you do what Bridget Scarr does for a living. She heads the content design and sales department of her organization, which means that she has a lot on her plate. Only does she has to find clients and convince them that her services are exactly what they need, she then comes up with the exact perfect content upon their request.


However, due to her previous experience and professional service, displaying such range on the daily basis no problem for Bridget Scarr. She has experience working in such genres as television to animation just to name a few. So, being able to understand to connect with clients everyday and bring them their ideas brought to life is just what she does after so many years of dedication. It most certainly is not always easy to balance her work and home life, but with due diligence and patience it is most definitely always worth it.


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Danilo Diaz Granados Hosts A Celebration Of The Senses


This July, TOYS for BOYS’ co-founder Danilo Diaz Granados gathered some of the most influential people of Miami for a day of action and luxury. The last of several mind-blowing events thrown by the successful entrepreneur, this was truly a celebration of the senses. As Diaz Granados stated himself, the objective of the event was to give his guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience, further expanding the vision he had for the now highly successful TOYS for BOYS. “Men in Miami now have a place to check out the most extravagant, one-of-a-kind products and places,” he stated after the event.


Like any successful entrepreneur, Danilo Diaz Granados is a man with a vision. Right after getting his degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Babson College, he moved from Wellesley Massachusetts to Miami in order to start a business. Once there, he realized that the Latino community in Miami needed a luxury boutique that catered to highly-driven, successful and sophisticated clientele. As a result, TOYS for BOYS was born, raising the standards for all luxury-oriented businesses in the Miami area. Today, the boutique is a thriving business that has helped affluent members of the Latino community get in touch with their extravagant side.


The experience started early in the morning, when the guests were gathered in Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales center for a gourmet breakfast. At this location, not only were they treated to a unique sampling of high-cuisine and art, but also given a private preview of the new residential building in the exclusive Biscayne area of Miami.


Upon their return, the guests were received with bottles of Dom Perignon and guided to the the River Yacht Club for lunch. To their surprise, at the end of a day full of excitement Danilo Diaz Granados had one more surprise for them. Sponsored by Van Dutch and Technomar, they gleefully embarked on a test ride of their newest boats around the Miami coastline.  FinancialContent.com has more on what Danilo has had to offer Miami business at large.