Malcolm CasSelle Big Dreams Come True

Malcolm CesSelle graduated from MTI with a Bachelor’s Degree and pursued his masters at Stanford University, where he graduated with a masters in computer and science. He is an outgoing person who learns fast and therefore he speaks both Mandarin and Japanese.


Malcolm CasSelle is the current CEO of Technology and president of New Ventures. New Ventures, which was formerly known as Tribune Publishing and is located in tronc, Inc. Malcolm was also the senior vice president of Digital Media of SeaChange International. He was at one point worked as the General Manager in the same company. Malcolm joined SeaChange International in 2015 as an acquisition of Timeline and served as the CEO.


Apart from working with SeaChange, Malcolm also worked with various companies including Xfire that deals with social network, MediaPass and Groupn’s joint that is located in China: Groupon deals with gaming and messaging in China. Malcolm has also contributed much to the creation of Bitcoin, which is doing very well recently, Facebook and Zynga. Malcolm is a passionate individual who realized much while working as a director in Hong Kong capital investment union.


Malcolm has also invested in WAX, which is simply Worldwide Asset eXchnge meant to allow people participate in virtual game around the globe. The company has reduced transaction costs, and this has pulled many investors to venturing into many virtual businesses unlike before. The company halos tokenization of products, which has created an accessible opportunity in the market for many investors around the globe.


Malcolm has been praised by many because of his optimism and dedication towards work. Many who have worked with him have attested that he is a role model and inspirational one. He is a gifted entrepreneur and a natural leader in terms of communication and keeping up to the dates the goals, mission and vision of any company he is employed in. Malcolm has an extraordinary EQ and IQ, which has left him incredible and exceptional. He has good experience in networking and connecting with new people. He is one kind person who is ready to volunteer and inspire others with business ideas and life skills.


I never want to say, “I was hacked” ever again.

Arguably, the worst day of my life started with a few odd messages. My closest friends and family reached out to me, asking if I had lost my phone. Not knowing what they were talking about, I replied in my signature smug tone: “If I lost my phone, how am I supposed to reply to this text saying yes?” Sipping my morning coffee while reading the rest of my texts quickly wiped that grin off my face. The last one read: “Pay 2 BTC to get your life back…” No doubt about it, I was hacked.


These days, nearly everything we touch is connected to our online life. In some cases, our online personas mirror our offline ones exactly. Nothing was worse than having to explain that I was hacked to clear up embarrassing moments that are now out there on the internet. Changing passwords, configuring your routers and staying up with anti-virus software is a step in the right direction but there’s much more left. Full spectrum services, like Rubica and others, give you a better edge.


Having a team of real people monitoring suspicious activity in real time is becoming an absolute necessity. Trying to stay ahead any other way needs more personal attention than I’m willing to give. Either way, I’d rather pay for a service than have to pay a ransom to get my life back because I was hacked.

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