Rocketship Education Focuses on Eliminating Achievement Gap as They Look Towards Future

Rocketship Education is non-profit network of charter schools in based in California that is dedicated to serving the children of underprivileged communities. The Rocketship coalition has come to have some of the best students in the nation, and these highly motivated students are educated by teachers who are focused on a well-rounded and holistic academic experience.

With the arrival of a new year, Rocketship is focusing on giving students whose grades have fallen behind a chance to grow and improve. To do this, Rocketship teachers try to foster a stable and motivational learning environment in order to help students remain focused and avoid procrastination. The teachers and staff also try to educate students about time management and prioritization skills to help them complete all of their assignments on time and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed.

These methods, combined with Rocketship’s rigorous hybrid school model, helps to prepare students for college and has led them to their place in the top 1 percent of all California public schools. Nearly ninety percent of their students demonstrate excellent math proficiency, far higher than competing schools in California, and their students regularly perform better than peers from wealthier and more privileged school districts.

Rocketship Education was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith with the mission of reducing the ‘achievement gap’ between children from wealthier school districts and those from less privileged areas. The Rocketship approached is led and designed by teachers and uses state-of-the-art educational technology to assist learning, and this approach is also personalized to meet the needs of individual students. The schools also keep in close contact with parents to ensure that their children receive whatever assistance they need and to keep parents are informed of the progress their children are making.

Rocketship is headquartered in San Jose, but they have schools throughout California as well as in several other states. The schools are non-profit and funded by grants and investors, and they run from grades K-12. The collective of Rocketship students, parents and teachers have helped transform their schools into some of the top public schools in the nation for underprivileged communities, and they continue to work to reduce and eventually eliminate the achievement gap.