End Citizens United: Raising Awareness About The Citizens United Decision

There are signs of corporate greed all throughout the United States. Businesses all over the nation look for ways to influence policies to help them prosper and achieve their version of the American dream. On occasion, many of the businesses may do this by directly influencing the political process. Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission is a supreme court decision that has made this easier than ever for these businesses to move in on potential political candidates. They are able to approach them in an entirely different way because under this decision they have been extended the same freedom of speech access that individuals citizens enjoy under the current law.

While this decision in and of itself is not one to cause panic, this right directly affects the way that business can support political candidates. As of this 2010 decision, corporations can now donate as much money as they want to an individual candidate’s campaign. Furthermore, they are able to do so anonymously. This means that citizens in the United States will not know what businesses have contributed what amount of money toward a political candidate and that will make it impossible for them to discern what other motives the candidate might have when they take office. It also makes it impossible for citizens to discern the motives of the individual corporations. It creates a veil of secrecy that makes democracy impossible.

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PACs like End Citizens United have seen the troubling implications of this decision and to fight now to help mitigate some of the damage that has been caused. Much of the damage is centered around the concerns highlighted above, with many candidates being sifted out of races because they are not willing to comply with corporate demands. End Citizens United has taken the time to help raise money for these individuals, their hope is that they can help combat some of the business funding that they may receive if they were to take on a contract with the business. End Citizens United requires all of its individuals to partake in a pledge that solidifies their commitment to maintaining the democratic process and spirit of the election by declining corporate funding. There is plenty of information about this a group and their fight against this ruling in the article entitled “End Citizens United: Fighting Against “Anything Goes” Campaign Finance” featured on reporterexpert.com. They hope to reach more individuals with their message and help raise awareness about this troubling problem.

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AvaTrade Review: Reliable Forex Broker

The following article will address the issues on whether AvaTrade is a reliable and good forex broker. This will be helpful to clients since they will be in a position to assess whether it can be reliable and the commission and price it charges.


It is crucial to note that AvaTrade is not a scam or a fraudulent site to be precise. AvaTrade is overseen and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, European Union and is registered under the Spanish CNMV. These bodies ensure that AvaTrade operates fundamentally and doesn’t scam or engage in fraudulent activities. Thus, traders shouldn’t trade with any fears of being scammed.


As mentioned, AvaTrade is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and the European Union. The Spanish CNMV oversees Their transactions. Therefore, with Ava Trade, be sure that you are transacting with a safe and secure Forex broker.

AvaTrade is an Irish broker whose stock shares, Forex, and commodities are from Cyprus. This shouldn’t be an issue since Cyprus belongs to the European Union which makes it safe and reliable. Most traders indicate that the firm is from Ireland provides supreme confidence.

Prices and Commissions

The exciting thing about AvaTrade is that they don’t charge any commission. They only charge the costs that traders have on their spreads. This has made the broker to gain more traders who find their operations cheap and favorable. It is crucial to note that AvaTrade allows CFD trading in Bitcoin.

According to AvaTrade review, AvaTrade provides several trading platforms for their traders. Apart from their MetaTrader 4, they have created their trading platform, AvaTrader which is run by their ICT team. The firm also incorporates AvaOptions which allows over the counter trading option.

Trader Benefits

AvaTrade provides a wide range of trading benefits to their traders to make trading more enjoyable and successful. The Forex broker offers the necessary tools to make trading more convenient. On top of that, they make payouts easy and correct. That way you can make withdrawals at any requests.