Solutions for Puerto Rico Healthcare Crisis.

InnovaCare is a leading Medicare and Medicaid advantage organization that provides services related to healthcare in Puerto Rico. The organization is trying to give the best services to the people of Puerto Rico. However, there are many things that the organization is doing out to make human health a success. Some of these things include:

They added three administrators on their team. The executives are leaders in the organization. They have a high level of expertise; professional integrity and experience as well. They include Jonathan Meyers who is acting as the chief Actuary officer at InnovaCare. Before joining the institution, Meyers was serving at the Actual Services as a director, Medicaid, and Medicare for Horizon, which is the biggest carrier in New Jersey.

Penelope Kokkinides is currently the chief administrative officer at the InnovaCare. Penelope had a meeting with the president Donald Trump and Seema Verma who is the CMS Administrator. They discussed, federal healthcare registration in the country.

Mike Sortino was previously the controller of Samsung Fire and Mariner insurance company. His experience includes working for over twenty years in insurance and reinsurance companies, as well as more than five years in the public accounting.

The federal government should cut Medicare advantage payments plans in Puerto Rico by eleven percent. Programs offered by the private organizations are the standard alternative to Medicare, and they often provide extra accessibility and benefits.

The highest population on the island is signed up in the patients and advantage since most are poor and are chronically ill. The impact of the benefits and cost reduction worry people them more. These cuts are expected to lead to higher medication pay and hospitalization also. The issue should not bother people since Dr. Richard Shinto who is the chief executive, and the president of InnovaCare is trying to meet the institution’s standards. People will have better health standards are expected to be better than they were before.

Dr. Shinto promises to reduce the many doctors in the institution by terminating their contracts. This way they are trying to manage the reduction of the significant revenue they are having. Doctors in the institute conduct some solo practices, making it hard for them to meet all the requirements.

InnovaCare Health is a committed organization that offers its affiliates with the best healthcare by generating some endurable models of managed care that are cost-effective, fully incorporated with the best technology.


The Chainsmokers Honor Avicii Whom They Name to be Their Inspiration

One of the EDM stars whose reputation spread all over the world and was loved by many people including the elderly and the young died at the age of twenty-eight years. Avicii who has made several hits that many EDM lovers always jam to pass on twentieth of April 2018. Although many of his fans have numerous questions concerning his death, his family made it clear that Avicii committed suicide. Being a hardworking EDM artist, has had many pieces of music which he had not released before his death. Many of his fans anticipate getting all the released music timely thus the president of Geffen Records which is the label that produced for the star promised the fans that all the unreleased music would be released.


Many artists have honored Avicii saying that he is an artist who has left a legacy to be remembered for a very long time. The Chainsmokers are among the music celebrities who honored him at the event held on Sunday night, The Billboard Music Awards. Avicii reputation in the EDM music industry was attributed to his immeasurable contribution as both a producer and a DJ. The Chainsmokers which is a team made up of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall addressed the audience before presenting an award to Luis Fonsi.


The Chainsmokers revealed that Avicii was one of the artist who inspired them. Moreover, they stated that he had left a gap in EDM community because his contribution to this industry was immeasurable. Based on their speech, Avicii was not only an inspiration to both the EDM artists and fans but also to many artists globally. While receiving an award in the best Electronic Act, The Chainsmokers dedicated the award to Avicii. They stated in their speech that his work influenced their musical journey.


The Chainsmokers is a group made of two individuals who have received significant breakthrough in the EDM music domain. Pall and Taggart who are the duo making up this reputable group have specialised in DJ works and production activities. One of the songs which saw the group receiving a global recognition is “Selfie” which was released in 2014. Their contribution to the EDM music industry has been recognised through the many awards they have won.

Ara Chackerian justification about entrepreneurship

Ara Chackerian is known to have lived an exemplary life as an entrepreneur. His career lives have been all about entrepreneurship and investments. He is a diverse person since he is an investor, and entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is the founder of the TMS Health solutions that are focused on finding treatments for the people who are suffering from resistance in depression treatments. In one of the interviews with Ara Chackerian, he says that he was lucky to be brought up by the kind of the parents his parents were because they trained him since he was a young boy how to thing loudly and harder to be able to have ideas that can be helpful to him in life. He says that this is one of the factors that stimulated him to be who he is today.

Today, Ara Chackerian is also the managing partner at ASC capital holdings that is focused on supporting the early stage healthcare companies. He has also been a committed and dedicated member of a significant number of companies, for example, the TMS Health Solutions and Mint Medical Education. For more info you can visit



As a diverse person, Ara Chackerian also invested in environmental Conservation and preservation through Reforestation in Limonapa SA. He has been a very helpful person in the society especially through his philanthropic work and his advice as a mentor to other entrepreneurs.

As a focused entrepreneur, Ara Checkerian believes that to be successful, you must have the ability to chose the right company for. You should have the ability to know the difference that people bring in you for you to chose who your partners in the business should be. The successful and focused partners will give the challenge and the motivation to work hard to reach where they are.

He also believes that as an entrepreneur you can turn your life experiences to come up with new ideas. Be positive in life and even if you go through hard times in life, turn them into positive ideas and this way you will be in a position to do great things in life. You can check out to see more.



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Shiraz Boghani’s Contribution To The Society

Shiraz Boghani is a known entrepreneur who through experience has grown to be reputable. Having been a hotelier for several years, he was equipped with skills and knowledge on how activities take place in a hotel. His ambition and vision motivated his investments which have made him grow and thrive over the years to be respected by many.

As an entrepreneur, Shiraz was able to start and establish several organizations which h has thrived because of being run by a man with knowledge. The experiences Shiraz Boghani had have been a pillar to his management in his businesses. Therefore, the ventures he has made have grown all over the country making him be recognized and respected. For this reason, he proves to be a great manager in his ventures.

He is the chairperson of Splendid Group which is appropriate as he has been of assistance in elevating the organization. Through the organization, Shiraz Boghani has been of benefit to many as he has aided several firms to be elevated to higher levels of entrepreneurship. Other than that, Splendid Group has grown to be recognized internationally. It has grown to be one of the most adored restaurants as they provide effective services. The restaurant is able to accommodate various people with different interests and has great and luxurious facilities.

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His entrepreneur characteristics have created many opportunities for Shiraz. At some point, he even got recognition and got an award. Therefore, he has been influential in the business world and poses a challenge to other entrepreneurs. The good thing, he helps other firms to grow and rise to better levels.

Shiraz Boghani has the heart of the people at heart. Therefore, he uses his opportunity to give back to society. This is because he has the personality to change the lives of the people. For this reason, he used an available chance to venture into medical healthcare. Sussex Health Care is the company which he got to enter into as a way to help the community. He is one of the co-founders of Sussex Healthcare.

He purposes to see the community have a better group of people who are healthy. The presence of healthy people ensures a productive society. Therefore, he aims to improve health to improve the people and community in the long run. The health organization focuses on the needy and the old people. Therefore, the standards of people are raised and made more enthusiastic. It has been a helping hand has reached many including the less fortunate and the disabled.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Believe and Achieve

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon known for his successful career as a pediatric surgeon. He has over 45 years of experience in the field. He is located in Eatontown, New Jersey and is affiliated with the Jersey Shore University Medical Center, the Monmouth Medical Center, and the Clara Maass Medical Center. He currently holds a 4 out of 5-star patient rating. In 2014, he received the Patients’ Choice Award. He also won the honor of the Compassionate Doctor Recognition in 2014.

Dr. Saad is a role model for anyone who has goals that they want to meet. He is a living example of how you can achieve success no matter who you are. Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood in Kuwait. His family relocated there because they were displaced during the Jewish Diaspora. Two valuable lessons that Dr. Saad teaches is to never settle for less than your goals. He admits that he started off as a poor Palestinian refugee who later became successful in more ways than one. His other lesson is not to put off tasks that you can complete today for tomorrow. There is no doubt that looking at Dr. Saad and his accomplishments prove that both of these lessons are true. He graduated from Cairo University Medical School with honors in 1971. He achieved the recognition of being salutatorian of his class. He later went on to become the only pediatric surgeon to be board certified by the United States. Due to the fact that he was the only pediatric surgeon that fluently spoke English and Arabic, he received an invitation to serve the Royal family in Saudi Arabia. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. Dr. Saad got to meet a lot of new people and learn a lot about the Saudi way of life. His family also enjoyed the chance to meet new people. The opportunity lasted for close to 5 years. Upon returning to the states, he wanted to find a way to minimize the pain and time it takes to recover for his patients. So, he created a new procedure that diminished the need for multiple incisions. Multiple incisions increase the chances for infection and other complications. Using one incision lowered the amount of time it takes for the child to recover and it reduces the pain. Not to mention, it gives the patient the same positive result. The new procedure was a great success as it has been used over 2000 times throughout his career. Dr. Saad proves to all of us that what our minds believe, we can achieve. He is by far a role model for people of all ages and backgrounds. He is not only an innovator, and an achiever, but a man that has made positive changes in the health industry. Learn more: