Southridge Capital is a private equity firm based in Connecticut. It provides securities brokerage services and investment banking to small and middle market companies. It was founded in 1996. Since 1996 the company has made a direct investment of 1.8 billion dollars. The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Southridge, Stephen Hicks, set the strategic direction that the company follows.

Southridge helps companies to acquire lines of credit since it works with the creditors to remove debt in favor of common stock. The Southridge structure is executed depending on the liquidity in the company’s stock and does not require a registration statement thus benefiting companies. Southridge’s solutions to companies that need capital include monetizing the company’s assets. It also provides several solutions to fiscal issues of their portfolio companies. Each resolution is made depending on the situation.

In July 2015, Stephen Hicks made it clear that the Southridge Partners II entered into a deal with Elite Data Services on equity purchase. Elite Data Services has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Elite Data Services is a company which puts software applications to market. It also advertises the assets that they own and control. Hicks cited that Southridge was confounded to investing in companies that offer innovative products such as Elite Data Services.

Southridge Capital also acquired Double Alpha Group which is a renowned New York-based trading hedge fund. Acquiring the Double Alpha Group enabled Southridge to offer a variety of products to their existing and expanding investors. Stephen Hicks stated that five factors made Double Alpha Group different from other companies. One of them was the experience since it has been in existence since 1994. The portfolio manager, Dante D’Orazio has been with the company since 1997. Southridge had also created different offerings to suit different risk tolerances.

Southridge Partners also entered into an equity purchasing agreement with eLayaway, Inc in 2012. eLayaway is the mother company of DivyTech, Inc. It markets layaway payment processing and management services. Southridge looks for investments in growing areas that are emerging both locally and internationally. It took part in availing more than 1.7 billion dollars in capital to Asia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom among others.

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