Understanding How Richard Smith Progressed To Be Become The CEO Of Securus Technologies

Richard Smith, commonly identified as Rick Smith, is currently working at Securus Technologies where he acts as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and also the company’s Director. Being a technology company, Securus Technologies is based in Texas and aims in providing services to correctional facilities and any police offices in Canada and United States. Having being founded in 1986, the company has grown and developed over the years to the point of having offices in numerous cities such as Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, and Dallas. Richard Smith took over the CEO position as from 2008, and from then, the firm has experienced and recorded a lot of profits and returns. Read more on PRNewsWire.com.

Just like any other successful person, Mr. Smith had to start from a humble beginning to later rise against all the odds to become successful. His career journey began at Frontier Corporation where he worked for more than twenty years. While at Frontier Corp, Rick Smith was able to rise and get promoted easily thus held numerous leadership positions that helped in sharpening his leadership skills. Some of the leadership position he held while at Frontier Corporation include CIO (Chief Information Officer, President of Frontier Technologies, Director of Business development among others. In every position he held, Smith ensured he did all he can to provide positive results at the end.

While still working at Frontier Corp, a chance presented itself to Smith that would help him advance his career, and he took it. This led to him joining Eschelon Telecom Inc where he worked as the firm’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and after some time, his a good job resulted in him being promoted to become the company’s president. Eschelon was also a telecommunication firm, but after Integra Telecommunications purchased it, Mr. Richard decided to leave the company. With his vast experience, it was not hard for him to get another job and this is when he joined Securus technologies as he was fit for the task.

Securus Technologies is also a telecommunication firm, and with time, it has become one of the largest enterprises that offer telephone services to prisons and other correctional facilities. These facilities use Securus services to help prisoners have a chance of communicating with their families and friends while still locked up. Richard was a natural and this led to him being named the company’s CEO a job he has been doing well and has no regrets about taking the job.

As the chief executive officer of Securus, Richard continues to hope that the firm will continue growing and developing in the ever changing telecommunication industry. He understands that he has to be updated with advancing technology if Rick Smith is to take Securus to greater heights. He trusts that through Securus Technologies, inmates have a chance of interacting with the outside world. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Doe Deere’s Life From Rock Musician to Lime Crime Cosmetics Creator

Doe Deere is known internationally by her incredible Lime Crime Cosmetics company. She was born in Russia and spent half her youth there before moving to the states and calling New York her home. She has moved from New York since then and is residing in Los Angeles. Her dreams at the time she lived in New York, was to become a musician, and she did. But shortly after that, she found herself dabbling in the fashion world that ultimately landed her in cosmetics. What started off as a DIY fashion line on eBay, quickly turned into something more. Her personality is much like her fashion statement, bold, beautiful, and bright.

Makeup gears towards covering imperfections or enhancing natural beauty. But Doe Deere’s sights went beyond that. She wanted to create those same fashion colors that she wore. She is a visionary and her success shows just that. Lime Crime Cosmetics was officially created in 2008. The cosmetics line spilled forth colors so appealing that it took off. Lime Crime Cosmetics sells fashion colors in nail polish, eye shadows, and lipstick. All of Lime Crime Cosmetics are animal friendly. Nothing is tested on animals. Doe Deere insist she test each product on herself and that ensures the highest of quality to the consumers.

Doe Deere has always seen herself as an entrepreneur. Even at the young age of 13, she began selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. That is when her business and marketing edge first came to light. And from that point on, from her music career to cosmetics, she has had plenty of experience in that field. Her partner in crime, Mark, is also her husband. They have been together since their rock band and now run Lime Crime Cosmetics as a team. He is her inspiration, her rock.

If Doe Deere could give advice to young, female entrepreneurs is to follow your heart. She feels that every individual has something great to offer. And its when you tune into that specialty, that unique quality, you begin to bloom and live up to your fullest potential. Being in tune with yourself helps you understand the value of your worth, your dreams worth, and make that into a reality. Being different doesn’t mean that you are alone and unimportant. Doe Deere said she learned later on that even if she was different, that she was a part of the universe and somewhere, someone felt the same as her.

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Meet Evolution of Smooth

Evolution of Smooth

Want to hear a huge success story? Then you’ve got to check out an article that features popular lip care company, Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS. This company not only changed the look of your daily lip balm but it is sweeping the nation, thanks to its unique characteristics and the fact that it’s an organic, hypoallergenic line of products.

Hit or Miss?

Instead of your typical vertical tube of flavored lip balm, EOS lip balm strived to change the entire look into a spherical orb of deliciously flavored, colored lip balm. Initially, it was hard to market a new product going up against all the classics like Burt’s Bees and Blistex, but with the appropriate amount of advertisement, this company was off the ground in no time.

Advertisement Galore

Evolution of Smooth is presently the most advertised lip care company in the industry to date and thanks to the reviews of beauty bloggers nationwide, plus seeing many celebrities enjoying the product, this company is expected to hit two billion in the near future. EOS products are often seen on the shelves of Target, Walmart and Walgreens stores. Selling one million units per week has been their steady flow, but EOS is smart in advertising and selling limited edition sets that people can’t wait to get their hands on.

Visit the website at EvolutionofSmooth.ca.

You can read more about this vastly successful company in this informative article: https://www.fastcompany.com/3063333/the-untold-story-of-how-lip-balm-upstart-eos-outdid-chapstick

Product link: https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA

Todd Lubar and a True Passion for the Business of Real Estate

Mr Todd Lubar is based in Potomac in the state of Maryland. He is the owner and a part of the leadership of a large investment company called TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Mr Todd Lubar has been the President of the company for about four years. TDL Global Ventures, LLC is located in New Jersey.

Mr Todd Lubar first attended the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC for ten years. In 1987 he started high school at The Peddie School In Hightstown, New Jersey. In 1995 Mr Todd Lubar majored in Speech Communications and Rhetoric with a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. His professional career began with a position at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked as a loan originator and later occupied an equity position as a part of Legacy Financial group. Mr Todd Lubar was a valuable member of Maryland Legacy Financial office. He contributed to the growth of the organisation and thanks to him it started producing loan volume of 100 million dollars per year. Mr Todd Lubar also held the position of the Senior Vice President for Charter Funding which is an organisation that helps people in need.

The positions that Mr Todd Lubar has occupied have given him the knowledge and hands-on experience he needed to move his real estate business career moving forward and developing further. He has always had a fascination for real estate and how things work in the field. https://www.yelp.com/biz/todd-lubar-dba-rockville  Mr Todd Lubar has been very social in his efforts to learn and that contributed to his list of the referral base consisting of CPAs, other real estate people in business, financial planners, insurance agents, etc. Most of the contacts he had established in the past have turned into long-lasting friendships and professional connections.

Over the course of his career in the business of real estate, Mr Todd Lubar has worked on a large number of projects. His favourite parts of learning about real estate include consecutive mortgage banking, equities, as well as lending. While still in high school, Mr Todd Lubar would read books on real estate to learn more about the career he desired to develop for himself. He believes that the business of real estate is more than a way for people to make money. Mr Todd Lubar views his line of work as a way to provide people with their dream home where they can feel safe and happy and create a family.

You can check out his page toddlubar.com

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