Whitney Wolfe’s Journey To Bumble

It’s the app that people use to bring real potential relationships into fruition. The app uses a similar outline to Tinder. However, the only difference between the two is that Bumble brings women empowerment to the front of the line, and women must be the one to send the first message.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman who helped co-found this beautiful app. She in fact actually helped co-found Tinder when she worked for Hatch Labs, which worked with startups to create mobile applications. She helped come up and finalize everything with Tinder, but eventually had to leave Tinder because of differences found within everybody who worked for the company. Wolfe then founded the beauty of dating apps and wanted to take Tinder to a different level and built Bumble. Both Tinder and Bumble are in the top four most used dating apps out there.

Whitney Wolfe knows that her creativity on developing and creating these apps helped bring them up to another level.

Bumble is by far one of the most unique apps because of the different features, overall design, and the genuine approach it provides. It doesn’t feel sleazy being on the app and swiping on people. Descriptions and photos are beautiful structured for easy reading and photo viewing. There are time limits on creating conversations and meeting people, so it’s all about making sure the women are up to date and the men are ready to message back in order to keep all conversations and what not. Wolfe definitely did well on Bumble for her unique skills and creativity that helped finalize this app’s design.

Find information about Whitney Wolfe at http://www.papermag.com/whitney-wolfe-bumble-it-girls-1647547057.html.

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  1. She helped with marketing for Tinder back in the day to get people around college campuses to get started on the app. Bumble is the newly crazed app that brings a unique idea to the atmosphere. There are simple processes in which rush an essay might be able to help them understand the need for that.

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