Twenty Three Layers Can Help You Plan the Perfect Party

If you are planning any type of event, be it a social function or a corporate event, you may soon find out that it can be one of the most stressful things that you have ever undertaken. This isn’t to say that in the end, if you have done everything correctly, the effort is not worth it. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dream event come to life and the joy of those in attendance as they experience it exactly as you envisioned. There are a few things that you can do to help make the entire process less stressful. In a recent article on HGTV, Camille Styles shares some of her best tips for stress free event planning. These are the same tips that are used by professional planner such as New York City’s premier party and event planning experts Twenty-Three Layers.



Tips such as Keeping things simple and elegant, getting organized right from the start, and staying relaxed through the entire process can make all the difference in the world to the success or failure of your event, as well as the level of stress you have while planning it. There are lots of things that you can do to pull off a memorable event that will allow you to not only wow your guests but also to be unfrazzled so that you can enjoy the occasion yourself when the time comes. Let’s take a look at a few of the simple tips that Camille shared in her article.



Get Organized Right from the Start

Keep a single notebook, be it a paper one, or a Microsoft OneNote notebook on your laptop or tablet. Everything that you need to do, every idea that you have, and every receipt that you collect should go into your planning notebook. Divide it into sections such as ideas, receipts, preplanning, lead up, day of, and post event. This will help you to keep everything in one place, and easily findable when you need it and not only cut down on headaches, and lost time, but will help you to reduce the clutter that can quickly arise from planning out a major event.



Keep Things Simple & Elegant

First, choose a theme that you can work with in the time frame and budget that you have. After selecting your theme, choose drinks, decorations, and food selections, which fit the main idea of your theme. Keep yourself open in your theme selection, so that as things progress along you can adjust. For instance, if your theme is “ocean” resist the urge to be 100% locked on the idea of “Atlantis”, instead use Atlantis as your concept, but be willing to incorporate a more “under the sea” vibe if things start leading that direction.



Be Smart with Handling Things Such as Alcohol Service, Kids in Attendance, and Food

Children, alcohol service, and food are the three most significant stumbling blocks you can run into when you are planning an event. Be smart how you handle them by being flexible. Some options here are to offer a few cocktail selections for your guests on roaming trays, while offering a full serve “tip bar”, or even a limited option self-serve bar if appropriate. Take advantage of buffet style dining of small bites, and finger foods, while offering some selected appetizers on roaming trays. Make sure that kids are kept entertained in their own area separate and secluded from the main event, but make sure that you provide a couple of responsible adults to supervise them as well, this could be a magician, or a “play coach”



These are a few of the great ways that you can help to reduce your stress while planning an event or a large party. Of course, there is another great way to keep the stress at zero while planning out your function, and that is to use the services of a professional event planning company. If you are in the big apple, and you are looking for the best corporate event planners in NYC, look no further than the team at Twenty Three Layers. Twenty Three Layers, is headed by the trio of Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman, and Lindsay Hayden. Together they have decades of experience in planning the best social and corporate events for their high profile and discerning clientele.



Twenty Three Layers is known for being among the top event planning companies in NYC for good reason. They have the kind of connections to the hottest venues, most sought after chefs and caterers, most recognizable bartenders, and most premier vendors in the greater metropolitan area. Choosing to use a professional planning company can give you the event that you desire without the hassle of having to worry about everything yourself. Professional planners such as Twenty Three Layers can work with you to create the amazing event that you dream of, while still leaving you free to live your normal life. Call Twenty Three Layers today for your next event. See for yourself how easy planning an event can be when you work with talented professionals.