Whether Town Residential is selling properties to people who have hit songs, businessmen who have established careers or the average upper east side family, they have been able to help a lot of people. Town Residential has been quickly making a name for itself in New York City and this is something that they have set out to do from the beginning. They have only been in business for a very short time, but they have been great at what they do and the success has shown in what they have been able to build their business into.


Luxury properties are so important to people who are in New York City. This is something that sets different properties apart from other ones and something that has allowed Town Residential the chance to make sure that they are doing everything right for their clients. They want to make sure that their clients are getting the most out of the experience and if that means that they must add luxury options, they will do it. Luxury is what sells in New York City and what can be the difference between a great realty and a poor one.


Most of the properties that Town Residential sells and deals in are redeveloped properties. They are ones that were once something else, like industrial buildings, and have been turned into living spaces. The majority of them are apartment living style and something that people are able to live in and get the luxury that they desire out of. This has been an important way that Town Residential has been much different than other companies. It has allowed them the chance to make their business better and has given them everything that they need when it comes to the different aspects of their business. It has been a blessing for them to be able to redevelop the industry.


Three years is a very short time in the real estate industry. In New York City, most real estate companies do not make it that long and they are not able to succeed in that time. Town Residential has been very successful in the three years that they have been in business and this has allowed them the chance to offer even more for their clients. The huge success that they have had in New York City is almost unheard of because of the way that the market works and how hard it is.


Town Residential has ten offices. This is a huge number of offices especially in New York City. There are not many real estate agencies in the city that have that many offices and the ones that do have been in business for years.