Lori Senecal comes off a little different from your typical CEOs. With a rather self-described introverted personality, her most notable effects are a tough countenance and an all-black and sometimes navy-blue wardrobe. Still, the blue-eyed Canadian has become a force to reckon with in the advertising world. She has earned a reputation in both local and global platforms during the most critical transition period for most advertising agencies. It’s a time when organizations not only need to embrace the necessity of globalization in their operations but also stop relying on iconic founders and create efficient, future-oriented business; Lori Senecal has proved to deliver just that. She states that you are only as good as your last campaign. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

How she made it

Lori begins her day with a workout as it stimulates a flow of new ideas before meeting her leadership team to deliberate on important initiatives across the ten other offices around the world. She emphasizes the need to maintain regular communication with clients and her team to allow productivity and focus on the mission. Advertising requires a flow of lots of new ideas; thus, Lori Senecal has fostered a collaborative culture among her team members. She notes that radical collaboration across geographies and even through roundtable discussions go a long way in conceiving and executing bold ideas. At CP+B they believe that titles do not determine the best idea. Lori relates her strong collaborative and leadership skills to her high school days when she was a coach. She loved gymnastics throughout high school and college; however, her height could not allow Lori to join the team. She became the coach instead of competing, which gave her a chance to develop leadership skills. Here, Senecal helped her team succeed by setting achievable goals, being consistent, and learning how to communicate with her team members. Check out Salary to know more.

When it comes to generating new business, Lori cites the need to familiarize you with all the details about the internal and external of the organization. This way, she can build robust and unique advertising and marketing campaigns. She also appreciates the role that technology has played in her personal life and at CP+B agency. Twitter, for example, provides a brief recap of the all the happenings around the world while Instagram captures all her travel memories. You can also subscribe on YouTube.

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