The Chainsmokers Honor Avicii Whom They Name to be Their Inspiration

One of the EDM stars whose reputation spread all over the world and was loved by many people including the elderly and the young died at the age of twenty-eight years. Avicii who has made several hits that many EDM lovers always jam to pass on twentieth of April 2018. Although many of his fans have numerous questions concerning his death, his family made it clear that Avicii committed suicide. Being a hardworking EDM artist, has had many pieces of music which he had not released before his death. Many of his fans anticipate getting all the released music timely thus the president of Geffen Records which is the label that produced for the star promised the fans that all the unreleased music would be released.


Many artists have honored Avicii saying that he is an artist who has left a legacy to be remembered for a very long time. The Chainsmokers are among the music celebrities who honored him at the event held on Sunday night, The Billboard Music Awards. Avicii reputation in the EDM music industry was attributed to his immeasurable contribution as both a producer and a DJ. The Chainsmokers which is a team made up of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall addressed the audience before presenting an award to Luis Fonsi.


The Chainsmokers revealed that Avicii was one of the artist who inspired them. Moreover, they stated that he had left a gap in EDM community because his contribution to this industry was immeasurable. Based on their speech, Avicii was not only an inspiration to both the EDM artists and fans but also to many artists globally. While receiving an award in the best Electronic Act, The Chainsmokers dedicated the award to Avicii. They stated in their speech that his work influenced their musical journey.


The Chainsmokers is a group made of two individuals who have received significant breakthrough in the EDM music domain. Pall and Taggart who are the duo making up this reputable group have specialised in DJ works and production activities. One of the songs which saw the group receiving a global recognition is “Selfie” which was released in 2014. Their contribution to the EDM music industry has been recognised through the many awards they have won.