My job inside the prison as an officer is challenging enough, add into the mix drugs, and these inmates will become deadly when they are under the influence. Our prison is overcrowded to start, then you have inmates with life sentences who wouldn’t think twice about hurting an officer if the opportunity presented itself. Drugs taken in excess of any sort put me and all the staff inside the jail in serious danger.


To help to control our working environment, we will take extraordinary efforts every day to keep drugs from getting into this facility. We will do a search of inmate cells randomly, we will check every letter coming into the jail, and we even listen to all conversations on the phones. Despite these efforts, we have trouble each day trying to keep inmates from getting drugs.


Things began to change in our favor when the prison had the inmate call monitoring system updated by Securus Technologies. This company has its base in Dallas, and 1,000 employees are all dedicating their time to help make the world a little safer for everyone. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, says his systems are currently installed in over 2,500 jails around the country.


The day my team was trained to use the LBS software, we couldn’t wait to see how effective it would be at detecting chatter from the inmates. The biggest benefit here was the monitoring system could listen to all calls and still detect verbiage on things like drugs, contraband, and weapons. It wasn’t but hours later that we were able to hear conversations about drug usage inside the yard, family members bringing drugs to the visitor center, and even how some inmates are being forced to sell drugs at the demand of higher-ranking gang members inside the prison.