Richard Mishaan is an interior designer who dares to be different. While many modern designers throw together a random group of expensive pieces in an attempt to impress their high-end clients, Mishaan has a talent for combining unique elements to create a stylish, great-looking whole. ‘Artfully Modern’, his recently-published second book, reflects Mishaan’s almost magical touch for transforming any room into an impressive area you’d be proud to show your friends.

Even though he does interior design for many rich clients at private residences and hotels in New York, the 55 year old Richard Mishaan says it’s more about an eye for style than money. His home near Central Park is color-rich and features paintings and sculpture by world famous artists. And he creates lavish spreads for the well-to-do. But at his design shop ,Homer, in Greenwich Village, Richard Mishaan also has items costing less than $100. He also has had the same sofa for 20 years. To him the key is buying good things that stand the test of time. In his new book he shows how a range of ideas behind designing can affect people

While mixing different styles and eras is becoming more common, Richard Mishaan has been doing this for over 30 years. His living room features a collection of disparate objects that work well together. It features the work of modern masters riffing on graffiti and comics, 1930s and 40s furniture and a gilded Italian mirror from the 16th-century that together form a cohesive whole. Mishaan’s new book also shows his love of color clearly captured in photos of his Hamptons house which features blues, white, plaids, stripes and flame stitches.

Richard Mishaan was surrounded by bright colors since his birth in Cartagena, Colombia and his childhood in Italy and that impacts his work. He also draws on his experience working with hotels and other public spaces and create a comfortable homey feel in the hotels he decorates. It’s a crossover that’s become seamless in his work. He’s mastered the concept of homes as a cozy repository for great art and having everything co-exist beautifully.