Representing Austin, Texas’ Best Models and Talent

The Austin, Texas area is home to some of the brightest and most promising models and talent that the country has to offer. At the forefront of Austin’s model and talent representation industry, stands the renowned Brown Agency. Founded in the spring of 2010 by Justin Brown, the Brown Agency is one of the leading model and talent agencies in all of Texas. Shortly after the agency was launched, it secured highly prestigious talent contracts with many of the largest and most recognized commercial brand names, including Toyota Motors, Louis Vuitton Fashion, Loreal Cosmetics, Dell Computers, and a lot more. In the model industry, Justin Brown catapulted many of his agency’s modeling ensemble to the very top of the fashion world, with many of these gorgeous beauties gracing fashion magazines, billboards, and television-based advertisements around the globe.


What makes Justin Brown so good at marketing his agency’s growing and diverse talent pool, is his vast wealth of personal experience within the industry. During his college days, Justin paid his tuition by modeling and working at a local modeling agency. While Justin had tons of fun working as a fit model for many different local clothing lines, it was the behind the scenes action of the model representation business that intrigued him the most. After completing his college degree in business management, he worked his way through the industry to ultimately start his very own company, the Brown Agency. Using this wealth of hands-on experience, Justin has become one of the most qualified individuals in the industry to lead fresh talent to lucrative and prestigious contracts.


At the Brown Agency, you can find one of the most diverse portfolios of talent on the planet. Whether it be gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or body type, the Brown Agency shines due to contracting talent from Austin’s very cosmopolitan and extremely diverse demographic makeup. The agency features local talent with backgrounds originating in Israel, China, Japan, the Philippines, Iraq, Ireland, the Greater United States, Vietnam, Italy, and many other places. In addition to being home to a wide array of different models and talents, the agency also features a large roster of beautiful plus size models. Even body type is no limitation for the Brown Agency, as they’ve been known to work with an assortment of varied individuals. For more details visit Crunchbase.


While many prominent talent agencies work with adults only, the Brown Agency is extremely proficient in landing contracts for child models and talent. In the recent years, the Brown Agency has represented several children that are absolutely destined to become A-level supermodels. Additionally, the agency has also landed a large number of commercial and theatrical talent and modeling contracts for children and young adults.