Joel Friant: Spicing Up the Business World

While Joel Friant began his career in real estate, he has succeeded in business far beyond the scope of selling property. Friant is an entrepreneur who has achieved personal success as a restaurateur, motivational speaker, life coach and financial adviser. His foray into product marketing actually began back in the ‘90s when he came up with the idea for selling the Habanero pepper in a spice form. The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker has turned into a bestseller in the e-commerce world.


Joel Friant launched his first restaurant in 1995. The idea stemmed from his love of Thai food and a desire to bring it to the public in a fast food form. Dubbed “The Thai Guy,” Friant went on to use his knowledge of the food industry to help him market The Habanero Shaker. Following the market drop in 2008, Friant began to concentrate more heavily on product and brand marketing. Through this brand creation, Friant came up with the concept of “The Income Thermostat,” a philosophy that centers around controlling one’s ability to achieve financial success.


In the years that followed, Friant became increasingly interested in online sales and branding and began to heavily market The Habanero Shaker on websites like eBay and Amazon. The branding of The Habanero Shaker was based on Friant’s love of spices and the fact that he successfully marketed the product as 100 percent Habanero pepper with no additives. As he continues to market The Habanero Shaker and look for improvements, Friant has imparted his business savvy to other entrepreneurs by helping them achieve their personal goals through seminars, online courses, books and lectures.


Because of his love of the free market and the lessons he has learned regarding industry trends, Friant has also helped like-minded entrepreneurs field the world of cryptocurrency (think Bitcoin) and he continues to be a leader in the marketing, branding and startup world.

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What AvaTrade Offers Currency Traders Around The Globe

Forex trading, also commonly called currency trading, is a bet investors make between two different nation’s currency values in relation to one another. A common pairing is the American Dollar against either the Japanese yen or the UK’s sterling pound. Nowadays forex trading is done strictly online and unlike stock markets it is always open for business.

AvaTrade is a company in this industry that is regulated by several government agencies in which it does business so it is a safe platform for currency traders to use. They offer premier financial resources on their platform which makes for a good experience. They also show exactly what you’re paying for before you ever make a trade and they detail what you can expect from the platform as well. They also provide guidance on issues such as the best times of the day to trade in your particular time zone and the relationships between different currencies.

AvaTrade is a forex broker that is based in Dublin, Ireland. It was a marriage of forex experts combined with experts in web commerce. This firm was established in 2006 and has become one of the globe’s leading forex brokers. They have offices in several countries around the world. They offer an online platform for forex traders to use that includes charts and other information they need to make savvy investment decisions.

It’s important to know that AvaTrade’s platform isn’t a bot; it can’t do the work for you. They don’t offer any information on how much money you should involve in trading because that’s a personal decision. It also takes time to learn how to trade and nobody will quickly learn everything they need to know in a day.

Everyone can find value using AvaTrade’s platform. They are good for everyone from complete beginners to currency trading to those who have been doing so for decades. They offer an educational site where people can learn all of the terms and strategies they need to know to successfully make currency trades. They also offer a free eBook titled, “Forex Trading Strategies”. This eBook offers strategies people of any skill level can use to up their game.

The Oxford Club And What It Stands For

The most wealthy people on planet Earth didn’t accumulate their fortunes solely through working hard and applying themselves. Regardless of how hard any of them, or any wealthy person, for that matter, have worked, it’s safe to say that a majority of their collective wealth came either through inheritance or investments.


While it’s likely that most people who read this – if any – never will eventually become filthy rich, it’s important for everyone to know the basics of investments.


To make sure that its many members get a grip on what’s going on in the world of finance, The Oxford Club sends three monthly newsletters, titled The Oxford Communique, Oxford Resource Explorer, and The Oxford Income Letter, beside three daily letters sent directly to members’ email addresses, and 12 unique trading services.


Those trading services don’t pertain to any particular investment class, collectively, though each one of those twelve are focused on wildly different things, helping investors from all sorts of disciplines take hold of their investing efforts.


Investment U is another outreach program that The Oxford Club is deeply involved in. It also sends out a newsletter every day to its members, It will be holding 2018’s annual investment conference on the weekend of March 15, running through the 18. Investment U’s conference will take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Joining The Oxford Club and reading the information it and Investment U puts out are plentiful. One of the most prominent of them is being able to network with other like-minded individuals focused on success, no matter where you’re located, as The Oxford Club has active members in 131 countries on planet Earth.


Another benefit includes members’ constant access to many top-notch financial advisors through the group’s exclusive, one-of-a-kind Pillar One Advisors Program.

Siteline Cabinetry Fulfilling All Of Your Cabinetry Needs

Siteline Cabinetry has been in business since 2015. Offering a big variety of full access cabinets. The cabinets manufactured by Siteline Cabinetry are offered in a large range of styles. This large range of styles makes it possible that designers can find something that fits every style. The most important things to Siteline’s are durability, quality, and customization. Cabinets can be customized for remodeling a new bathroom, office or kitchen. Cabinets can also be installed in brand new offices, bathrooms, and kitchens as well.


At Siteline, cabinets are made to order. Once the order is placed, only then does the cabinet get stained or painted. The cabinets are manufactured separately considering the firm does not rent nor own any warehouses. Customization imagination can be directed towards the color, wood species, and drawer type. Siteline also offers a wide range of materials from particleboard, veneers, and solid wood. Whether the look you are going for is traditional or modern, you can customize cabinets until you achieve the look and feel that you need. Frames are available but mainly Siteline sells full-access cabinets.


This firm uses only the latest in cutting edge manufacturing equipment. This makes it possible for them to get inflate quality and provide fast production. No need to worry about splinters. Siteline uses a QuickWood sander that will smooth the edges of any wood. This sanding not only keeps the splinters and other unsafe situations away, but it also assist in a longer lasting finish. All orders are fully designed by computer.


Be proud by using Siteline cabinets, you will be supporting a company who only manufactures its products in the United States of America. The manufacturing takes place in Keysville, Va to be exact. U.S. manufacturing jobs perseverance is supported by every client of Siteline. Keysville, Va was the selected manufacturing location due to the large number of potential experienced workers. It is also a great location since it is located closely to a variety of cabinet dealers as well as suppliers.

What Careers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have to Offer

What You Can Expect

When working at a Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), you can count on being surrounded by a culture focused on high-quality care for patients. Put into a few terms, it is a culture of teamwork, empowerment, and development. Over one hundred and seventy-nine different types of cancer are treated among five facilities. They have treatment centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida. Any of these locations are a great place to work, even earning the official title of “Best Place to Work” and numerous accreditations.


Working at CTCA, you will be very well taken care of. They offer a generous benefits package to their employees.Healthcare: Medical, Dental, Vision, Health Savings/Flexible Spending Accounts, Full-suite Insurance
Savings: 401(k) Retirement Plan, College Tuition Benefit and Tuition Reimbursement, Adoption Assistance, Long-term Care Program, and Pet Insurance Wellness: Vacation/Personal/Sick time, Unum Work/Life Balance Program, Exercise Facilities, Nutritional Supplement Benefit, Healthy Awards Program

Types of Jobs

There are jobs for a wide range of professionals at CTCA. They offer internships and fellowships for students and recent graduates for up to twelve weeks. They give you the opportunity to “test drive” a career field before you commit. A Summer Marketing and Communications Internship and fellowships in Oncology are some of the examples of what they have to offer.Various positions are available in administration, hospitality services, physician, clinical and patient support, professional and management opportunities. Some hospitality positions are Chaplain, Cook, Driver or a Culinary Service Representative.

Some positions available in the professional and management departments are Manager of Business Services, Systems Engineer, Financial Planning Analyst, and Director of Relationship Marketing, just to name a few.There are many different careers available at CTCA. No matter your background, it always helps to have a history working in healthcare. Any certifications or degrees to support your chosen career field are a must. When working in healthcare, it is of the utmost importance to maintain a high level of customer focus and confidentiality.CTCA not only offers a great place for people to come work but a great place for those suffering from cancer to feel like they are not alone. They offer community support through testimonials, news, sharing recipes, and a way to give back.

End Citizens United Aiming To End The Flow Of Corporate Money In Election Campaigns

The real problem with the politics these days is how the big companies and affluent individuals pocket the politicians or manage to get them to their side. It harms the interest of the people and makes it difficult for the political leadership to be directed towards the path of progress of the entire nation. The reason behind it is how the campaign finance rules are designed, especially after the Citizens United lawsuit in 2010. The verdict given by the Supreme Court in 2010 made it easier for the enterprises to pump money into the elections. Even though political funding is nothing new, the Supreme Court’ decision of 2010 made it easier for the big companies to channel their money into the election campaigns.

Election campaigns are designed to ensure that the country’s leadership goes into the hand of the person who has a vision for growth and equality across the nation, the one who knows what needs to be done to put the country on the track to progress. Since the time the Supreme Court decided against allowing the corporations to fund the elections with as much money as they want, the elections campaigns have become more lavish than ever before. The corporations are trying hard to win favors from the politicians by putting millions in their pockets, which more times than many, crosses the interest of the general public.

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End Citizens United, a political action committee, has been supporting politicians who are in favor of neat and clean politics without the backing of corporate money. It was formed in 2015 by Tiffany Mueller with the aim to overturn the Supreme Court decision for the campaign finance rules. End Citizens United has been active politically since its inception and endorses the politicians to help them stand tall against the candidates who are backed by the corporate money. The Corporate PACs and Super PACs support many politicians, and their interests and priorities are mostly pointing towards that of the big corporations and wealthy individuals.

End Citizens United continues to help the politicians who it finds has a history of excellent public service and intent, and has denounced the Corporate PAC. Recently, End Citizens United endorsed two favored candidates for Congress, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand. They are running for Senate and was earlier backed by corporate PAC, but recently announced they are moving away from it to follow the popular trend nowadays to say no to the corporate PACs. It is what End Citizens United believes would help bring awareness among the people as to how the corporations and wealthy individuals are controlling the country with their money. End Citizens United hopes that in future it would bring many more politicians under its fold.

Whitney Wolfe – A Woman with Wisdom

Whitney Wolfe is a 29 year old entrepreneur. In her years she has achieved much that is to be admired. As one of the co-founders of Tinder, she has enjoyed years of success with her startup Bumble. Whitney Wolfe began work on her startup after her time spent at Tinder came to an end. Now, Bumble is one of the largest dating apps on the marketplace. She has achieved year over year increased returns and is the largest competitor to Tinder. Bumble has more than 22 million users worldwide and their customer base is still growing. Whitney Wolfe wants to help women around the world achieve a new freedom in the dating world. Where men normally approach women first, the women who use Bumble have the ability to control who messages them.

This eliminates the chance of harassment and cyberbullying. In the world of modern digital connectivity this is ever more important. An addition that was recently added to Bumble is Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz has given professional women and men the ability to connect with others who have similar business interests. Because many women were being approached by men on LinkedIn, this app offers the ability to streamline all communications and keep everything professional. Sexism in the workplace is a major problem that Whitney Wolfe has tackled. By building Bumble Bizz she has eliminated the problem of women being approached outside of their comfort zone. When the woman has the ability to approach the man first it creates a sense of security and safety. The women who use the app gain a sense of empowerment.

Men sometimes report a sense of having their ego bruised because it is traditional for the man to make the first move; however, many men report less rejection due to women approaching them first. This method removes the aggression from the process of dating and puts the power in the hands of women who were traditionally taught to be shy and play hard to get. When women have the opportunity to make the first move the playing field of dating is leveled out in Bumble and Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe has experienced depression, anxiety, and sexual discrimination in her previous workplaces. She empathizes with women who want to succeed in the professional world and still maintain their ability to find love. By creating Bumble and listening to her primary audience she has opened up a world of opportunity.

To NewsWatch TV reviews, or Not to NewsWatch

NewsWatch TV provides companies with a growing, popular media source to promote their products and campaigns. NewsWatch has been around for almost 20 years with their first debut on television in 1990. They have featured big brand companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Audi, Google, and Ford. Recently, NewsWatch TV has even had a few well-known celebrities appear on the show such as Will Smith, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mila Kunis, and an array of other familiar actors.
The first big question about NewsWatch TV is how much does this review provider charge to promote and review products for up and coming and already popular companies? It all depends on the amount of exposure the company selling is looking to achieve. To put it simply, most television productions can cost up to an excess of thirty thousand dollars whereas NewsWatch TV can produce and air for a fraction of that cost.
Production with NewsWatch TV is all done in-house with a crew with roughly 75 years of combined knowledge, skill, and experience. NewsWatch TV’s production studio can be found just on the outskirts of Washington D.C. They work together with the client and provides all scripts and video edits to ensure that each video is ready for consumer viewing before it ever airs.
Based on NewsWatch TV’s customer reviews from up and coming businesses like a Danish company known as Ockel, NewsWatch TV assisted in generating over a million dollars in sales. Musical Pairings, an application company, received so much success that they had to pull their app from app stores to redevelop their product. When it comes down to deciding if NewsWatch TV is worth pursuing when looking for a way to promote a product, NewsWatch TV certainly has the skills, knowledge, experience, and customer service to fulfill any company’s product review needs. Is NewsWatch TV worth it? Judging from all of the positive reviews from real-life customers, it most certainly is.

Jake Gottlieb Wants to Get Rid of Poverty

Jake Gottlieb is a sought after man who describes Brooklyn, New York as being his home. The borough was his place of birth. He’s an individual who has always been 100 percent aware of the value of a strong work ethic. His two parents relocated all the way to the United States roughly five decades ago. They came from Poland and managed to work their way up in their adopted homelands. His mother currently is a pediatrician who adores assisting young people with the healing process. His father is an economics professor who has a fondness for teaching people that’s essentially unrivaled. He works for New York’s CUNY (the City University of New York) at the moment. Needless to say, Jacob got the chance to view great role models in action during his youth.

Jacob Gottlieb

Gottlieb’s parents are people who make others say “wow.” Gottlieb himself is no slouch, either. He’s associated with a prominent company that’s called Visium Asset Management. He takes on the company’s CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and managing partner roles. Leadership is a skill that has never been lost on Gottlieb in any way. He may be able to credit his diligent parents for that as well. Visium Asset Management is a trusted alternative investment advisory company that concentrates on producing first-class non-correlated returns. It concentrates on doing so in a range of marketing settings. Gottlieb introduced Visium Asset Management to the planet in the autumn of 2005. He did so with the cooperation of 20 people who were immensely well-versed in investment. They worked at the time for a company that was known as Balyasny Asset Management. Gottlieb was an employee with this business as well. He became a part of its staff back in 2001. He had good experience prior to doing so, too. Gottlieb worked as a Merlin portfolio manager for a while. He worked for Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst for quite some time as well.


This team player knows that education is paramount in this world. He, because of that knowledge, went to an Ivy League school located in Providence, Rhode Island. This school was Brown University. He was a magna cum laude graduate, too. That shows just how seriously he took his studies. He scored an economics BA (bachelor of arts) degree at the university. After learning at Brown, he moved on. He went to New York’s New York University Medical School to get an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine). The Association of Investment Research and Management provided him with his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charter not too long after the new millennium began. The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association gave him PRM (Professional Risk Managers) status in 2010.


Gottlieb thinks about pertinent and current charitable matters all of the time. He despises the idea of poverty in American communities. Robin Hood is a charitable group that has his attention. It happens to be New York, New York’s biggest group that battles poverty-related matters. Gottlieb wants to stop poverty for good.


Businessman Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz was born in 1949 in a family of businessmen, and spent the majority of his childhood in Ontario, Canada. Greg Aziz was destined for greatness from an early age. After completing his studies at Western University, he joined his family’s fresh food business, Affiliated Food Company. From 1971 through the 1980s, the company grew to become one of the world’s largest wholesale importers of fresh food from Europe, Central America, and South America, as well as distributing to all major US and North American markets.

After leaving Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz joined the New York banking sector and gained some business experience with various investment banking opportunities. Some say that this time in New York helped to shape the business acumen that would allow Aziz to build successful companies based on the principles of strategic management.

He purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 with the goal of transforming it into a leading manufacturer of North American railway trams. From the date of purchase, that is, from 1994 to 1999, the company’s manufacturing capacity has risen from 3,500 units a year to 12,000 units per year. Since 1994, Gregory Aziz has been Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car, making it a globally-recognized leader in the production of railway cars and modern freight engineering and manufacturing. By maintaining such a high quality of product, and a high degree of employee satisfaction, Gregory James Aziz manages to continue to sign deals and contracts with different rail carriers in Canada and the United States. View Additional Info Here.

Greg Aziz has become one of the leading businessmen in Ontario, Canada, because of his foresight, business management expertise, community service support, and good relationships with employees. In addition to the high profile he holds in National Steel Car, Greg Aziz is also chairman of the several other high-profile companies. National Steel Car was one of the first, and still just one of the few railway engineering and manufacturing companies in North America that has passed ISO 9001: 2008 certification, which it has now won the honor of having been granted recertifications for, for the past 18 years.


Thousands of past and present employees, as well as their children, participate in the National Steel Car Christmas Party each year, and are encouraged to participate in the company’s food drive that supports local food banks. The food drive brings back connections to his family’s wholesale food business, which will always remain dear to his heart.