OPSkins is the largest bitcoin market out there, and Malcolm CasSelle is their CIO. The marketplace boasts an impressive selection of virtual assets available for sale or trade, with a focus on game items such as weapon skins. They have an impressive community surrounding the marketplace, with an exorbitant amount of micropayments handled on a daily basis. The primary focus of OPSkins isn’t their large community of sellers and traders though, or even bitcoin, but rather on creating a strong, decentralized marketplace which doesn’t rely on any third party influence or government regulation. This decentralization has led to further success for them, especially over international borders, where government interference usually makes it a challenge to make virtual transactions.

One of the most important elements of OPSkins market is Malcolm CasSelle’s own project, one with the focus of overcoming a prior reliance on centralization. That element, of course, is WAX. WAX is a blockchain platform built for the sole purpose of handling virtual asset transactions in a safe, efficient, and, above all, decentralized manner. The platform was built on advanced blockchain technology and utilizes specialized smart contracts, which allow it to play as the host to a decentralized token-based platform which processes virtual asset transactions. But, perhaps more impressively, the platform allows literally anyone to create their own fully-functioning marketplace, as well as operating it independently, without concerning themselves with any of the issues that traditional bank-reliant payment methods bring.

About Malcolm CasSelle

The man behind it all is Malcolm CasSelle. A technological prodigy, an accomplished entrepreneur, and a tech investor with years of experience, he’s certainly qualified for the task of running his own crypto empire. He acts as the president of WAX, and as the CIO of OPSkins, putting his valuable skills and experience to practical use.

Before he became part of the crypto scene, he had gone to Stanford and MIT, earning degrees in computer science. Under his leadership, a number of startups, such as Xfire and MediaPass, have prospered, and he had also acted in leadership positions with a number of esteemed tech companies, from SeaChange and tronc to Timeline Labs and his own Hong Kong telecom, PCCW.