There is a special kind of hotel that is available in certain places, and this kind of hotel is something that is unusual and different from what most people have ever seen. This special kind of hotel is called a capsule hotel, and it is something that makes the most of a small space. Kim Dao allows her viewers to go with her as she stays the night in a capsule hotel in this video. She allows all who watch the video to know just what such a hotel is like and to understand her feelings on the hotel that she is staying at and how it works out for her. Learn more:


Kim Dao takes the time in this video to let viewers see the capsule hotel in Japan that she is staying in, and she lets them see every part of that. Kim Dao is not afraid of showing the bathroom facilities that are a part of the hotel that she is staying in and she is not afraid to let her viewers know her thoughts on those facilities. Kim Dao is a fun personality, and she is open with the way that she shares about her hotel experience in this video. Those who would like to know more about a capsule hotel and all that it offers can learn from Kim Dao in this video. Learn more: