Jeremy Goldstein, Prestigious Lawyer

If you’re looking for a lawyer and you’re in the New York area then you’re in luck. A new service has been developed to help connect people in the New York area with legal services in a convenient fashion. The New York State Bar Association is credited with launching the portal which grants individuals a personalized way of attaining a lawyer. The New York State Bar Association closely monitors each lawyer to see if they’re in good legal standing. If they are then they are added to the referral service. The service is available all day through an online portal and can also be accessed via telephone call. This technology that the New York State Bar association has developed was in association with


The service is incredibly easy to use. The person looking for a lawyer simply fills out an online form and then is matched with an attorney who practices nearby. This form is reviewed by the New York State Bar Association who forwards requests to the appropriate party. Referrals are free, but fees may arise depending on the situation. People who seek consultation are not locked into going ahead with the service of the lawyer if they don’t wish to proceed with their services.


Not only does the service help people find lawyers, on the flip side it helps lawyers gain more clients. It’s a win win for both parties. Law practices grow and clients are served. As of recently it has been reported that the New York State Bar Association has over 72,000 members.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy Goldstein and Associates. His firm works to advise CEO’s, management teams and corporate governance concerns. Jeremy Goldstein is also the founder of Jeremy Golstein and Associates.


He has been involved in several corporate transactions. His acquisition advisement services have been utilized for some of the biggest companies in the world. The list is quite long and impressive. Goldstein also writes and speaks often about corporate governance matters.


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