Igor Cornelsen-One Of The Most Reknown Investors

Igor Cornelsen is an investor and a retired banker. He was born in Brazil a place called Curitiba in the year 1947. In the Federal University of Parana, he was able to acquire an engineering experience.

He later pursued economics in the same university in which he then graduated in the year 1970. He grabbed an opportunity of being an investment banker in Rio. In 1974, the board of directors of Multibanco gave him several promotions in his work. Fortunately, he became the CEO of Multibanco in 1976.

In 1978 he later joined Unibanco that is Brazil-based. It was one of the leading investment firms in Brazil. In 1985 he joined Libra Bank PLC which is a London merchant firm.

In London, he developed a friendship, and they all joined Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, and he became one of the boards of directors. He worked with the Bainbridge Group to invest in the stock market, and for commodity and foreign exchange investment. His expertise is valued there.

He’s working experience made him become one of the best bank investors. Attending meetings and monitoring the Europe markets especially Sao Paulo is what he does. Igor Cornelsen advises young investors to start as early as possible. “There is a great advantage to learning how to make your income generate revenue as soon as possible,” he said.

He follows the economies to update his investment opportunities every time. He’s patterned behavior of selling assets and finding assets that depreciated was his primary strategy. He uses Reuters news report what it is going on and uses that information as analysis since its quality information.

“In investing one must sell what is expensive while buying and keeping what is cheap, “he said. He considered the advice he gave as the best advice to investors since he made a mistake by doing the opposite.

Igor Cornelsen made his Name back home in Brazil, where he’s prominence became one of the country’s top bankers. Right now he spends most of his time living in South Florida.

Igor perfects his life in the golf hobby, where Igor spent his retirement time. He attends some biggest and best golf courses in the world. Sometimes he works as a consultant, for both the banking industry and investing.