Huge Growth With Fabletics

Anyone who does any shopping online is well aware of the presence that Amazon has. This is true for both businesses and customers. Amazon controls about 20% of the marketplace when it comes to fashion. Even with such a large online presence, newcomer Fabletics is not shying away from the competition. They are doing the opposite and have grown every year since they have started.


Fabletics is an online athletic wear company that was started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Their spokesperson is Kate Hudson, and the three of them have been a winning combination. Fabletics began due to an issue Don Ressler found in his personal life.


In October 2013, Fabletics went live. The online store was opened, and customers were invited to shop the inventory. From the start, Fabletics wanted to be a company that provided good quality clothing at a decent price. The clothes were trendy and were items that people would want to wear.


To be able to provide the best clothing and choices for their customers, Fabeltics gets to know their customers. They use a subscription service for their customers. Customers sign up and are asked questions to determine their needs and their wants. The site can then cater the choices offered to customers based on their answers. This allows each customer a customized shopping experience each time they visit the website.


Fabletics has seen outstanding growth in the three years they have been in business. Because of this, they are expanding even more. They have opened a few physical locations across the country and will be opening more stores in select locations. Based on the online data that has been provided to Fabletics, the company knows where their customers are and what locations would thrive.


By opening physical locations after being based solely online, Fabletics is doing the traditional process backward. But by having a thriving website first, Fabletics is at a large advantage. They have loyal customers before any physical location is even in place. Research has shown that between 30% and 50% of people who set foot into a Fabletics store is already a customer of the products.


It is no secret the presence that Amazon has in the fashion market. This can scare some companies away. Fabletics took what could be a problem and used it as motivation. With Amazon being so large, Fabletics needed to find a way to shine and they did just that. They took a different approach, and they have been thriving ever since. Fabletics may be a new company but they are growing and are here to stay.

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