How To Start Your Own Business With Traveling Vineyard

If you’re a wine lover there’s a good opportunity to make a living as a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. This company, which was founded in 2001, started out simple. It held wine tastings in back yards and offered people a way to buy the wine they had sampled. Today, Traveling vineyard has wine guides in states across the country who hold wine tasting in their client’s homes.

The main difference the Traveling Vineyard offers is that they strip away the stuffiness and formality that usually goes hand in hand with wine tastings. Instead, the events the wine guides hold are meant to be fun and relaxed affairs. Their clients and guests get to enjoy some great wines, learn about them, and then place orders for any of the wines they had tasted.

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Wine guides make money by holding wine tasting in customers homes and receive a share of the sales that the event results in. Most operate out of their homes although some have expanded into larger outfits where they employ other wine guides. To start out as a wine guide a person just gets in contact with Traveling Vineyard. They are supplied with all of the training they need including in both information about the wine they are selling as well as the ins and outs of running a business.

Once someone has signed up to be a wine guide they will receive a kit from Traveling Vineyard which has all of the supplies they will need to host events. They also receive enough wine to hold two wine tastings so they can get straight to work. In order to further support the wine guides, Traveling Vineyard holds a Harvest Conference where they learn about new wines coming out and get to connect with other wine guides.

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