How The 22-Year Old Ryan Emmons Started A Successful Water Bottling Company

Ryan Emmons is the brain-child behind the Waiakea water bottled water franchise. Ryan saw a lucrative opening and went for it, wholeheartedly. His gamble paid off brilliantly largely in part due to the overwhelming demand for bottled beverages by consumers the world over.

Benefits of Waiakea Bottled Water

His outstanding product had everything to offer. According to Specialty Food, his Waiakea springs bottled water was most importantly, healthy and it came in eco-friendly containers which left no noticeable adverse trace on the environment afterward.

Thirdly, through the proceeds of his sales, he was able to give back, immensely, to the underprivileged societies. Together with the charity group, Pump Aid, Ryan Emmons has made safe water accessible to remote villages in Africa. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Barriers to Entry

The founder often remarks that it was no easy task penetrating this lucrative niche. The challenges emanated from the fact that this industry was already taken and owned by who he termed to as the ‘old boys.’

Only a handful of young entrepreneurs dared venture into this industry, but all that has changed significantly in the recent years. Today, his startup is among the most profitable companies recording a record setting 400% growth rate since launching in 2012.

Fact Sheet of Waiakea Inc.

The company forecasts an annual growth rate of around 170% annually. So far, they have reached a sales figure of 122,400 cases, up from a modest 2,304 per year starting out. The outlet continues to form professional allegiances with corporate clients like Whole Foods. The firm has a current valuation of $10 million.

Purest Water

The water is full of beneficial nutrients and minerals like calcium, potassium, and magnesium. These macro nutrients contribute to the favorable Waiakea water required density levels. The water gets collected in the small southwestern town of Hilo.

Nature does all the work of filtering and enriching the water. The water is known to have a uniquely soft and smooth feel on the mouth of the drinker.

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