How Ryan Seacrest Has Become the Most Productive Man in Hollywood

The face of one of the most popular talent shows of all time, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest has seemingly managed to become the busiest man in Hollywood. With numerous radio shows, live hosting opportunities, product lines, a television production company, as well as his own personal Ryan Seacrest Foundation, he has had a hand in almost every business venture you could imagine.

Finding his first “big break” in Hollywood by being the host of American Idol, his popularity and prowess grew with the continued massive success of the singing competition. He attributes this initial success as a motivating factor in branching out to many other business opportunities. Calling himself “impatient”, he states that much of his productivity comes down to always tackling responsibilities immediately. Whether it is managing e-mails, setting reminders for phone calls and meetings, or even just managing his lunch breaks, he maintains his work schedule diligently and efficiently.

Starting his day around 5 AM, his first stop is usually ‘On Air with Ryan’, his morning radio show. The next stop on his agenda is ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’, which has been a part of his daily schedule since May of 2017, with the duo recently completing their first season together. With American Idol all but in his past (recently finishing their 15th and final season), it gives Seacrest time to focus on his men’s fashion line ‘Ryan Seacrest Distinction‘, as well as his skin care line ‘Ryan Seacrest Polish’. Crediting the support of the team around him, Seacrest is able to remain updated and on top of his “nine…close to ten” jobs.

According to GQ, finding success in nearly all of his business ventures, Seacrest has developed a midas touch for all of his projects. Being the executive producer and brain behind the creation of ‘Keeping Up With the Kadashians’, he states that one of his biggest goals is to be a catalyst with all of his projects. “Getting things started […] and making them shine” he states as a mindset behind his hosting and producing, and eventually “knowing when to get out of the way.” Get in touch with Seacrest on Facebook.

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