Glen Wakeman, the Chief Executive and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, is on a mission to change the fate of many startups through his firm. LaunchPad Holdings offers unique software platform for start-ups to ensure they are on track using performance methodologies and checklists. Wakeman was worried that though many of the start-ups are coming with brilliant and fresh ideas, they often fail to make an impact. He made a proper analysis on such incidents and identified that most of those ideas executed without a structure around it – the prime reason for failure.

Wakeman noted that people do not understand the idea as a plan itself in most cases. To help them, he founded LaunchPad Holdings in 2015 to make plan building quite easier and intuitive (LinkedIn). The automated software platform developed by LaunchPad Holdings helped thousands of young entrepreneurs to design their ideas around a workable plan. He is focused towards shaping businesses with individual agility, improving the company, and implementing a proven methodology to evaluate key performances in five areas: human capital, risk management, leadership, governance, and execution.

Wakeman also ensures that LaunchPad ofers suggestions and tips to guide the entrepreneurs to make their ventures successful along with the added support of capital advisors and providers. He has also founded Nova Four, an incubation support firm that provides access to capital and advice for both start-ups and growing companies. Wakeman led Nova Four as its President and Chief Executive Officer and offered mentoring and coaching to various start-ups. Glen helped the firm to strategize new portfolios and existing financial solutions in retail banking, mortgage banking, insurance agency operations, commercial banking, and institutional securities.

Glen Wakeman started his career with GE Capital and spent more than 20 years with the firm by taking leadership roles in business development, general management, operations management, and more. He gives expert advisory services on various financial services such as angel investing, international finance options, and capital raising. Wakeman secured his graduation from the University of Scranton in Finance and Economics and completed his MBA at the University of Chicago.