End Citizens United Aiming To End The Flow Of Corporate Money In Election Campaigns

The real problem with the politics these days is how the big companies and affluent individuals pocket the politicians or manage to get them to their side. It harms the interest of the people and makes it difficult for the political leadership to be directed towards the path of progress of the entire nation. The reason behind it is how the campaign finance rules are designed, especially after the Citizens United lawsuit in 2010. The verdict given by the Supreme Court in 2010 made it easier for the enterprises to pump money into the elections. Even though political funding is nothing new, the Supreme Court’ decision of 2010 made it easier for the big companies to channel their money into the election campaigns.

Election campaigns are designed to ensure that the country’s leadership goes into the hand of the person who has a vision for growth and equality across the nation, the one who knows what needs to be done to put the country on the track to progress. Since the time the Supreme Court decided against allowing the corporations to fund the elections with as much money as they want, the elections campaigns have become more lavish than ever before. The corporations are trying hard to win favors from the politicians by putting millions in their pockets, which more times than many, crosses the interest of the general public.

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End Citizens United, a political action committee, has been supporting politicians who are in favor of neat and clean politics without the backing of corporate money. It was formed in 2015 by Tiffany Mueller with the aim to overturn the Supreme Court decision for the campaign finance rules. End Citizens United has been active politically since its inception and endorses the politicians to help them stand tall against the candidates who are backed by the corporate money. The Corporate PACs and Super PACs support many politicians, and their interests and priorities are mostly pointing towards that of the big corporations and wealthy individuals.

End Citizens United continues to help the politicians who it finds has a history of excellent public service and intent, and has denounced the Corporate PAC. Recently, End Citizens United endorsed two favored candidates for Congress, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand. They are running for Senate and was earlier backed by corporate PAC, but recently announced they are moving away from it to follow the popular trend nowadays to say no to the corporate PACs. It is what End Citizens United believes would help bring awareness among the people as to how the corporations and wealthy individuals are controlling the country with their money. End Citizens United hopes that in future it would bring many more politicians under its fold.