Cone Marshall is a law firm based in New Zealand that has devoted its operations to assisting clients access tax and estate litigation support. The firm has been in operation since 1999 and over the years, they have continually implemented expansionary measures that have ranked them among the most preferred law firms across the world. Across the New Zealand, Cone Marshall was the first law firm to specialize in tax and estate litigation.


This specialization and concentration on a single part of law has allowed the firm to amass strength and come up with solutions to complex cases. Cone Marshall has invested in the acquisition of modern technology that has been key in the management of different processes that are handled by their staff. Their ordering system has improved and now clients can submit information without necessarily having to travel physically to the main offices.


Additionally, Cone Marshall has come up with measures that have helped to keep their staff informed about changes in the industry. Through an educational program that is sponsored by the firm, professionals can get details about current practices that can help clients to receive better services.


Focused professional leadership

To achieve its goals, Cone Marshall has been working with highly experienced professionals, who take part in the implementation of vital processes championed by the company. One of the professionals who has helped Cone Marshall to get to the international market is Karen Marshall. She is a lawyer who has been in the industry for more than 20 years and her main area of expertise is commercial litigation.


Karen works with other leaders within the company to ensure the services offered match with the needs of clients from different specialties. She is applauded for championing the installation of new systems that have strengthened the ordering process and eased the resolution of problems. When she joined the firm a decade ago, she came in with more than 10 years of experience. She has been working as the principle of Cone Marshall since 2006.


George Cone is an experienced tax and commercial law expert who has practiced since 1980. He has been at Cone Marshall for the longest time and at the time the firm was founded in 1999, he came up with a plan that is still in use today.