Meet Alex Pall and Drew Who Have Become The Song Of New York City

New York City can be referred to as the springing board of their music career which consequently happens to be the hometown of Alex Pall. Andrew Staggart had to move from Maine to meet his music destiny partner. They have not only swept the city with their intriguing music but also the entire globe.

The duo goes by the band name the Chainsmokers who are specialized in genres like EDM, Pop, and electropop. The band began in 2012 but began its popularity journey in 2014 after the release of their hit song, “Selfie” which became among the best 20 songs in various countries.

In 2015, they released “Roses” which become a hit song in the United States Billboard Hot 100. As a matter of fact, it featured among the top 10 songs. Then they released “Don’t Let Me Down” which earned them the Grammy Award for Best Dance. The single appeared in the top 5 hit songs in the Billboard Hot 100.

When they produced Closer” in 2016 and featured Hasley, Alex Pall and Drew became even more popular. It is quite amazing how Alex Pall and his colleague enjoyed the company of Hasley whom they describe as being “unapologetic and strong in her voice and incredible”. Of course, they will feature her in future in their other songs.

It is unbelievable to many that Alex Pall, who grew as a DJ in NYC, though as his hobby until he met drew, would produce a song. No one could ever think that this DJ duo would sing because DJs viewed to be only good in coming up with beats and being hard-hearted behind his or her DJ booth. But the two has given a different notion.

Alex Pall and Drew are set to reveal who they are to the globe of which it has been appreciated by millions of their fans across the globe. Thanks to social media like Instagram which expands their audience daily.

They are committed to bringing new experiences to their fans with every artistic work they are engaged in. They have plans to go around the globe once again to mingle with their fans whose base is growing daily. They have fans from America, Africa, and Europe among others. No matter your age, Alex Pall and Drew’s music leaves you with this feeling of wanting more.