Looking for a lawyer anytime one has a problem is a hectic process and stresses a majority of the people due to the reason that they do not have prior knowledge about the lawyer. But for the residents of New York there is an online solution to assist them in case one needs a lawyer. The good thing about the solution is that one is linked to an attorney within their locality making it easier to schedule appointments at convenient times. They also match people to lawyers that have experience in handling legal matters. The New York State Bar Association Information Service is the platform that connects clients to the appropriate lawyers. The Association has launched an online portal whose service is available 24 hours in a day.



The main reason behind the use of the system is to ensure that lawyers can make their services available to a large group of people at a lower cost. The service works by ensuring that the clients fill a confidential form on the kind of legal problem they may be encountering. The form is then reviewed and the client is connected to the Attorney who is in the same community. Once the client talks to the Attorney to whom they have been referred they attract a fee of 35 dollars for the first 30 minutes consultation but there is an exception to the rule. Some of the reasons for the exception include; social security, workers compensation and medical malpractice among others.



Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. This is a boutique law company that gives legal advice to compensation committees, management teams and chief executive officers of various institutions. Mr. Goldstein has taken part in a number of transactions during his career such as acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies. He is the chairman of mergers and acquisition subcommittee of the executive compensation committee. Mr. Goldstein is one of the leading compensation lawyers and is recognized for his expertise in the sector. Goldstein is one of the prominent lawyers that clients can access using the online portal.


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