The Manse On Marsh For The Finest In Assisted Living

The Manse on Marsh is an independent assisted living facility that offers comfortable living quarters in a totally safe environment. Here you will have the option to live in a studio apartment, a 1-bedroom apartment, a house, or a cottage. You will have the opportunity to get all the assistance you need from a friendly and highly trained staff.

Services Provided

When you reside at Manse on Marsh, you are able to order a level of assistance that suits you particular needs and desires. You can have a caregiver at your beck and call every day and night of the week, and medication technicians are available for you too. Your bed is made every morning, and your rubbish is removed every night. Every day, you get 3 tickets for meals. Some of the activities you can engage in include yoga, craft making, tea parties, shopping, cards, and more. If your stay at Manse on Marsh is temporary and you need time to recuperate from an illness or a stressful situation, Manse on Marsh will encourage you to take advantage of the services their care department provides. Complimentary benefits include laundry service, house cleaning, food, and concierge service.

Advantages of Using a Manse on Marsh Service

When you use a Manse on Marsh service, you get quality care the minute you ask for it, and you feel a sense of security that puts you at ease. The care staff will help you any night or day of the week, and their response time is approximately one minute.

The owner of Manse on Marsh committed himself to building fine communities for seniors at the age of 23. Chris Skiff has taken part in the development of 20 plus assisted living communities since then. The Manse on Marsh is one of the best.