If You’re Looking to Invest, Kerrisdale Capital can Help You

Sahm Adrangi has had a long career as an investor. Prior to starting his own business, he worked for Longacre Fund Management and Chanin Capital Partners. Sahm Adrangi was beneficial to both of these companies.

What Business Did He Start?

He founded Kerrisdale Capital, and he’s still the company’s CEO. Sahm Adrangi used a million dollars to get Kerrisdale Capital started, but the company is now more than 150 times this size. This was possible because of his exceptional skills as an investor.

The Services Of Kerrisdale Capital:

Kerrisdale Capital allows investors to choose from many different types of stocks. People who are just starting their careers can use the services of Kerrisdale Capital, but the company also has many options for investors on fixed income. The firm is especially good for investors who are interested in hedge funds or short selling strategies.

One thing that sets the company apart from other investment firms is the fact that it’s possible to use the firm’s services to research a small or medium sized business that you aren’t familiar with. Sahm Adrangi is well-known for his ability to research companies that are relatively new and unknown. Many clients have posted positive reviews of the services of Kerrisdale Capital.

What Has He Published?

He has published several papers. These papers discuss short selling and hedge funds. However, other investment strategies are discussed in his papers. The research that he published is available for free. In fact, you can read it on his website or social media.

He Prevented Fraudulent Business Practices From Continuing:

He found that a number of different companies were engaged in illegal business practices, and he immediately told the public about what he found. This kept members of the public from being taken advantage of, and it ensured that the SEC was able to take action quickly.


Daniel Taub Stands Proud Everywhere Goes

They say that when words fail action has to follow, if there is to be any resolution in the face of injustice. And, this is definitely true. It is even more so, when the very words regarding the attitudes toward a whole nation of people does in fact perpetuate the very injustice that needs to be remedied.


A good example of this holding true is the visit Israel-Britain ambassador Daniel Taub made to the city of Bradford. It is not uncommon for people to visit or even sojourn to parts of a country where they are said to be not welcomed by a particular number of other people. After all, millions of brave souls join various diasporas everyday.


What proves a little news and noteworthy is when an ambassador replies anti-israeli comments calling for exclusion coming from a MP with a house call. This is exactly what Daniel Taub did for George Galloway in the city of Bradford. Of course, this kind of “pop in” is not intended to make waves. That is unless the the purpose of the waves made is to say “hi”.


This is exactly the case when it comes to George Galloway’s comments about the city of Bradford being an “Israeli Free” zone. The worst part about the whole situation between the ideologies of these two leaders is the level of disparity there appears to be between the two gentlemen. While one is known for making all kinds of borderline racist remarks, the other goes out of his way to make sure that decency and civility reign supreme. Learn more: http://jewishnews.timesofisrael.com/the-aliyah-100-list/


And even though on the surface this might seem like a tug a war between the egos of two titans, there are real consequences for the lives of the people they represent. The silver lining that shines brightly over this dark cloud of misunderstanding is the overall positive attitude coming from the people of Bradford itself.


The citizens collectively have a more inclusive way of seeing things than Galloway would have the rest of the world believe. Not so bright is a future where the police fully investigate Galloway for the sentiment and public reaction to his comments. In the meanwhile, Daniel Taub continues to make meaningful connections in the name of peace and progress. And although he is quite optimistic about the potential for peaceful coexistence between the peoples of Bradford, Taub understands that things are tenuous security wise for the city. That just means that the presence of the position he once held is still greatly needed.