Siteline Cabinetry Fulfilling All Of Your Cabinetry Needs

Siteline Cabinetry has been in business since 2015. Offering a big variety of full access cabinets. The cabinets manufactured by Siteline Cabinetry are offered in a large range of styles. This large range of styles makes it possible that designers can find something that fits every style. The most important things to Siteline’s are durability, quality, and customization. Cabinets can be customized for remodeling a new bathroom, office or kitchen. Cabinets can also be installed in brand new offices, bathrooms, and kitchens as well.


At Siteline, cabinets are made to order. Once the order is placed, only then does the cabinet get stained or painted. The cabinets are manufactured separately considering the firm does not rent nor own any warehouses. Customization imagination can be directed towards the color, wood species, and drawer type. Siteline also offers a wide range of materials from particleboard, veneers, and solid wood. Whether the look you are going for is traditional or modern, you can customize cabinets until you achieve the look and feel that you need. Frames are available but mainly Siteline sells full-access cabinets.


This firm uses only the latest in cutting edge manufacturing equipment. This makes it possible for them to get inflate quality and provide fast production. No need to worry about splinters. Siteline uses a QuickWood sander that will smooth the edges of any wood. This sanding not only keeps the splinters and other unsafe situations away, but it also assist in a longer lasting finish. All orders are fully designed by computer.


Be proud by using Siteline cabinets, you will be supporting a company who only manufactures its products in the United States of America. The manufacturing takes place in Keysville, Va to be exact. U.S. manufacturing jobs perseverance is supported by every client of Siteline. Keysville, Va was the selected manufacturing location due to the large number of potential experienced workers. It is also a great location since it is located closely to a variety of cabinet dealers as well as suppliers.

What Careers at Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have to Offer

What You Can Expect

When working at a Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA), you can count on being surrounded by a culture focused on high-quality care for patients. Put into a few terms, it is a culture of teamwork, empowerment, and development. Over one hundred and seventy-nine different types of cancer are treated among five facilities. They have treatment centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Their headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida. Any of these locations are a great place to work, even earning the official title of “Best Place to Work” and numerous accreditations.


Working at CTCA, you will be very well taken care of. They offer a generous benefits package to their employees.Healthcare: Medical, Dental, Vision, Health Savings/Flexible Spending Accounts, Full-suite Insurance
Savings: 401(k) Retirement Plan, College Tuition Benefit and Tuition Reimbursement, Adoption Assistance, Long-term Care Program, and Pet Insurance Wellness: Vacation/Personal/Sick time, Unum Work/Life Balance Program, Exercise Facilities, Nutritional Supplement Benefit, Healthy Awards Program

Types of Jobs

There are jobs for a wide range of professionals at CTCA. They offer internships and fellowships for students and recent graduates for up to twelve weeks. They give you the opportunity to “test drive” a career field before you commit. A Summer Marketing and Communications Internship and fellowships in Oncology are some of the examples of what they have to offer.Various positions are available in administration, hospitality services, physician, clinical and patient support, professional and management opportunities. Some hospitality positions are Chaplain, Cook, Driver or a Culinary Service Representative.

Some positions available in the professional and management departments are Manager of Business Services, Systems Engineer, Financial Planning Analyst, and Director of Relationship Marketing, just to name a few.There are many different careers available at CTCA. No matter your background, it always helps to have a history working in healthcare. Any certifications or degrees to support your chosen career field are a must. When working in healthcare, it is of the utmost importance to maintain a high level of customer focus and confidentiality.CTCA not only offers a great place for people to come work but a great place for those suffering from cancer to feel like they are not alone. They offer community support through testimonials, news, sharing recipes, and a way to give back.

Whitney Wolfe – A Woman with Wisdom

Whitney Wolfe is a 29 year old entrepreneur. In her years she has achieved much that is to be admired. As one of the co-founders of Tinder, she has enjoyed years of success with her startup Bumble. Whitney Wolfe began work on her startup after her time spent at Tinder came to an end. Now, Bumble is one of the largest dating apps on the marketplace. She has achieved year over year increased returns and is the largest competitor to Tinder. Bumble has more than 22 million users worldwide and their customer base is still growing. Whitney Wolfe wants to help women around the world achieve a new freedom in the dating world. Where men normally approach women first, the women who use Bumble have the ability to control who messages them.

This eliminates the chance of harassment and cyberbullying. In the world of modern digital connectivity this is ever more important. An addition that was recently added to Bumble is Bumble Bizz. Bumble Bizz has given professional women and men the ability to connect with others who have similar business interests. Because many women were being approached by men on LinkedIn, this app offers the ability to streamline all communications and keep everything professional. Sexism in the workplace is a major problem that Whitney Wolfe has tackled. By building Bumble Bizz she has eliminated the problem of women being approached outside of their comfort zone. When the woman has the ability to approach the man first it creates a sense of security and safety. The women who use the app gain a sense of empowerment.

Men sometimes report a sense of having their ego bruised because it is traditional for the man to make the first move; however, many men report less rejection due to women approaching them first. This method removes the aggression from the process of dating and puts the power in the hands of women who were traditionally taught to be shy and play hard to get. When women have the opportunity to make the first move the playing field of dating is leveled out in Bumble and Bumble Bizz. Whitney Wolfe has experienced depression, anxiety, and sexual discrimination in her previous workplaces. She empathizes with women who want to succeed in the professional world and still maintain their ability to find love. By creating Bumble and listening to her primary audience she has opened up a world of opportunity.

Jake Gottlieb Wants to Get Rid of Poverty

Jake Gottlieb is a sought after man who describes Brooklyn, New York as being his home. The borough was his place of birth. He’s an individual who has always been 100 percent aware of the value of a strong work ethic. His two parents relocated all the way to the United States roughly five decades ago. They came from Poland and managed to work their way up in their adopted homelands. His mother currently is a pediatrician who adores assisting young people with the healing process. His father is an economics professor who has a fondness for teaching people that’s essentially unrivaled. He works for New York’s CUNY (the City University of New York) at the moment. Needless to say, Jacob got the chance to view great role models in action during his youth.

Jacob Gottlieb

Gottlieb’s parents are people who make others say “wow.” Gottlieb himself is no slouch, either. He’s associated with a prominent company that’s called Visium Asset Management. He takes on the company’s CIO (Chief Investment Officer) and managing partner roles. Leadership is a skill that has never been lost on Gottlieb in any way. He may be able to credit his diligent parents for that as well. Visium Asset Management is a trusted alternative investment advisory company that concentrates on producing first-class non-correlated returns. It concentrates on doing so in a range of marketing settings. Gottlieb introduced Visium Asset Management to the planet in the autumn of 2005. He did so with the cooperation of 20 people who were immensely well-versed in investment. They worked at the time for a company that was known as Balyasny Asset Management. Gottlieb was an employee with this business as well. He became a part of its staff back in 2001. He had good experience prior to doing so, too. Gottlieb worked as a Merlin portfolio manager for a while. He worked for Sanford C. Bernstein as a buy-side analyst for quite some time as well.


This team player knows that education is paramount in this world. He, because of that knowledge, went to an Ivy League school located in Providence, Rhode Island. This school was Brown University. He was a magna cum laude graduate, too. That shows just how seriously he took his studies. He scored an economics BA (bachelor of arts) degree at the university. After learning at Brown, he moved on. He went to New York’s New York University Medical School to get an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine). The Association of Investment Research and Management provided him with his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) charter not too long after the new millennium began. The Professional Risk Managers’ International Association gave him PRM (Professional Risk Managers) status in 2010.


Gottlieb thinks about pertinent and current charitable matters all of the time. He despises the idea of poverty in American communities. Robin Hood is a charitable group that has his attention. It happens to be New York, New York’s biggest group that battles poverty-related matters. Gottlieb wants to stop poverty for good.


Malcolm CasSelle Launches Into Crypto Via Game Skins and Virtual Assets

OPSkins is the largest bitcoin market out there, and Malcolm CasSelle is their CIO. The marketplace boasts an impressive selection of virtual assets available for sale or trade, with a focus on game items such as weapon skins. They have an impressive community surrounding the marketplace, with an exorbitant amount of micropayments handled on a daily basis. The primary focus of OPSkins isn’t their large community of sellers and traders though, or even bitcoin, but rather on creating a strong, decentralized marketplace which doesn’t rely on any third party influence or government regulation. This decentralization has led to further success for them, especially over international borders, where government interference usually makes it a challenge to make virtual transactions.

One of the most important elements of OPSkins market is Malcolm CasSelle’s own project, one with the focus of overcoming a prior reliance on centralization. That element, of course, is WAX. WAX is a blockchain platform built for the sole purpose of handling virtual asset transactions in a safe, efficient, and, above all, decentralized manner. The platform was built on advanced blockchain technology and utilizes specialized smart contracts, which allow it to play as the host to a decentralized token-based platform which processes virtual asset transactions. But, perhaps more impressively, the platform allows literally anyone to create their own fully-functioning marketplace, as well as operating it independently, without concerning themselves with any of the issues that traditional bank-reliant payment methods bring.

About Malcolm CasSelle

The man behind it all is Malcolm CasSelle. A technological prodigy, an accomplished entrepreneur, and a tech investor with years of experience, he’s certainly qualified for the task of running his own crypto empire. He acts as the president of WAX, and as the CIO of OPSkins, putting his valuable skills and experience to practical use.

Before he became part of the crypto scene, he had gone to Stanford and MIT, earning degrees in computer science. Under his leadership, a number of startups, such as Xfire and MediaPass, have prospered, and he had also acted in leadership positions with a number of esteemed tech companies, from SeaChange and tronc to Timeline Labs and his own Hong Kong telecom, PCCW.

RicardRicardo Tosto: Getting A Good Business Attorneyo Tosto

Are you looking for top notch legal help in Brazil? Need to enlist the services of an experienced business lawyer to advise and guide you properly? When it comes to business or corporate legal issues, it is extremely important to have a good lawyer by your side.

In Brazil, many businesses and organizations turn to Mr Ricardo Tostso for legal help. Ricardo Tosto has the expertise and experience to help you with a wide variety of business and corporate matters, including business legal structure, breach of contract and shareholder issues.

One of the main roles of a business attorney is to understand his or her particular client’s business or organization as well as the environment or field in which they operate. A competent attorney should have a good understanding of the intricacies of the company or industry. Once a client consults with a business lawyer and presents his or her challenges and goals, a knowledgeable business lawyer can develop the best strategy to meet the client’s needs.

No matter what size of an organization or company, having a legal advisor is absolutely necessary. In fact, a business or corporate lawyer can help an organization or entrepreneur in many unique ways, enabling them to operate their enterprise as smoothly as possible. A good lawyer works hard for his clients and makes sure they have the guidance and resources they need to improve the overall business operations.

The ability to provide a unique insight on important decisions, including purchases, deals, and even daily company procedures and project implementation is a crucial responsibility for an experienced business attorney.

Ricardo Tosto is a well recognized attorney and one of the most reliable litigators in the industry. Ricardo Tosto has a prominent law firm that focuses on providing high quality legal solutions in complex cases. His clients range from individuals and entrepreneurs to institutions and multinational organizations.

Ricardo Tosto has been rendering excellent services for years and has established a great reputation in the field. Ricardo Tosto has numerous clients throughout Brazil and his law practice comes highly recommended.


The Success Story of Desires Perez

It is factual that the music and entertainment industries are vastly becoming overly populated. With most individuals delving into this field in search for greener pastures, the revenues keep piling up. In 2016 alone, it is projected that the music industry registered revenue of approximately $17.2 billion. This figure is relatively higher than the usual revenue generated by the same industry. Being a highly competitive market with most achievers ranking at the top of the list, slackers are bound to lose the game. For that reason, it is vital to consider hiring a dedicated manager, who can put in substantial effort to elevate the business. One such manager is Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez is talented

Consistently preoccupied with the tasks revolving her career in developing talent, Desiree Perez has exuded confidence in all aspects of dealing. The talent manager and producer barely boasts of being the lead executive for Roc Nation, a business that Jay-Z holds close to his heart. Perez has been instrumental in landing constructive deals for some of the industry’s most trusted and revered players. Being closer to Jay-Z, she has earned positive recognition as the woman who initiates constructive, business deals aimed at elevating the business.

The conclusion

Desiree Perez has been of service to this industry for about 22 years. She has a way of finding the exact deals she wants when it comes to handling corporate entities and managing successful empires. Perez harbors vast knowledge regarding the management of different entities. In a different scenario, she has been instrumental in identifying viable, aggressive, music opportunities for Jay-Z’s brand. With that said, Perez is generally useful to the music industry. She has proven her worth by optimizing profits and attracting investors towards her employer’s business. Aside from that, she is fun to work with. Her beliefs in people skills reflect her friendly personality, a useful trait in business.

George Soros Donates $18 Billion to His Open Society Foundation

A prominent American businessman and hedge fund investorGeorge Soros has given $18 billion of his estimated $23 billion wealth to a foundation he started about three decades ago. Forbes Magazine lists Soros as the 20th richest person in America. According toThe New York Times, this transfer represents the most significant donation by a private donor to one organization. The contribution has made thegroup the second biggest charity organization in America, with Bill and Melinda Foundation holding the top position.This is not the first time that Soros has donated to the organization according to The Washington Post. He has a long history of giving his wealth to liberal causes. In 1979, the group carried out its first charity activity which involved providing ascholarship to black students from South Africa when the country was under apartheid rule. According to the chief executive of the National Philanthropic Trust Eileen Heisman, most of Soros’ donations are made politically. As a result,this contribution has attracted the attention of so many people. One senior official of the foundation was quoted saying that OSF is not going to changes its expenditure due to theenormous amount of money they have received.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros was born about 87 years ago, in Hungary during the Nazi occupation of the country. He survived their atrocities by concealing his Jewish roots and assisted more people to use the same tactic their lives. After WWII, Soros left Hungary and went to live and study in England. In London, he studied economics at London School of Economics. After sometime, he crossed the Atlantic Ocean where he became a successful investor.

How Soros Has Helped People Through Open Society Foundation

Since the establishment of this association in 1984, over $14 billion has been given out. The greatest beneficiaries have been groups and organizations fighting for the freedom of expression, accountability in government, and justice and equality in the society. Students have not been left behind as the foundation has provided fees to thousands of them around the world.Most of the activities of the organization focus on the minority and people facing discrimination in the society. Europe’s Roma people are some of his beneficiaries. He is known to support drug users who have been rejected by the community. Others such as sex workers and the LGBT have also received a lot of assistance from Soros through OSF.OSF is now present in over 100 countries through various other charities, partners, and activities. All these groups have one thing in common, they believe on the importance of democracy, freedom of expression, and human rights as aprerequisite for development in a given society.

Soros and Politics

Soros has a long history of supporting the progressive causes and the American Democratic Party candidates. He was against President Bush’s administration and policies especially on thewar in Iraq and Afghanistan. Between 2008 and 2012, he provided financial assistance for the election and re-election of President Obama. In 2016, he also gave donations to Hilary Clinton’s camp. Since then, he has been providing financial support to various nonprofit organizations opposed to President Donald Trump.

The Oxford Club Educates Us On Retirement Rebalancing

The Oxford Club is a group of investment professionals, and they literally hold seminars across the country. During these seminars, there are many different questions that they have come to count on as simply part of the job. One of these would be the question of just how much retirement money someone should have in stocks. Their answer to this question is always somewhat surprising to everyone: in a nutshell, it’s not so much what you have in stocks, it’s how you strategize with the stocks in the different types of markets that makes a difference.

For example, in a bear market, the Oxford Club recommends that your focus not be on stocks but on low-risk bonds and cash that will fund your monthly income goals. It is because of this that the Oxford Club recommends setting aside a cash reserve of at least five years worth of income. The reason for this is simple: they realize there is such a thing as having too much money tied up in stocks.

Consider this: in a serious bear market, the value of stocks is going to decrease significantly. Many individuals who have too much money in stocks will lose a lot from their portfolio. However, those who have a reserve planned ahead for the bear market will be able to live off that and not have to liquidate any stocks.

Naturally, they are going to lose money from their cash reserve during this time while their stocks are taking a beating in the bear market. However, when the market finally rebounds and becomes a bull market once more, these wise investors will be able to sell at a high value and recoup the losses from their cash reserve under the bear market.

This type of “retirement rebalancing” is a tried-and-true method for retaining wealth even during the driest of times. It is in this manner that retirement income will continue to flourish. This is the type of education that the Oxford Club delivers to their members in a nutshell.

There is no question the Oxford Club has become well known for their strong, practice advise to their members. This is one of the main reasons why they continue to increase in popularity.

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Glen Wakeman on a Mission to Change the Fate of Start-ups through LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman, the Chief Executive and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, is on a mission to change the fate of many startups through his firm. LaunchPad Holdings offers unique software platform for start-ups to ensure they are on track using performance methodologies and checklists. Wakeman was worried that though many of the start-ups are coming with brilliant and fresh ideas, they often fail to make an impact. He made a proper analysis on such incidents and identified that most of those ideas executed without a structure around it – the prime reason for failure.

Wakeman noted that people do not understand the idea as a plan itself in most cases. To help them, he founded LaunchPad Holdings in 2015 to make plan building quite easier and intuitive (LinkedIn). The automated software platform developed by LaunchPad Holdings helped thousands of young entrepreneurs to design their ideas around a workable plan. He is focused towards shaping businesses with individual agility, improving the company, and implementing a proven methodology to evaluate key performances in five areas: human capital, risk management, leadership, governance, and execution.

Wakeman also ensures that LaunchPad ofers suggestions and tips to guide the entrepreneurs to make their ventures successful along with the added support of capital advisors and providers. He has also founded Nova Four, an incubation support firm that provides access to capital and advice for both start-ups and growing companies. Wakeman led Nova Four as its President and Chief Executive Officer and offered mentoring and coaching to various start-ups. Glen helped the firm to strategize new portfolios and existing financial solutions in retail banking, mortgage banking, insurance agency operations, commercial banking, and institutional securities.

Glen Wakeman started his career with GE Capital and spent more than 20 years with the firm by taking leadership roles in business development, general management, operations management, and more. He gives expert advisory services on various financial services such as angel investing, international finance options, and capital raising. Wakeman secured his graduation from the University of Scranton in Finance and Economics and completed his MBA at the University of Chicago.