Brad Reifler Writes About How the U.S Presidential Race Is Expected To Change the Economy’s Future


Brad Reifler wrote on the Huffington Post that each presidential election is known to cause certain effects on the economy. However, none has had stirred much controversy as the U.S Presidential Election. Both citizens and analysts have pondered on the impacts caused by each presidential candidate. Each aspirant is equipped with effective policies regarding the future of the country. A close analysis of mitigating factors reveals a likely outcome of the election.

Fewer Brackets or greater scrutiny?

The tax code is a sensitive subject to American voters. Not only does it affect net income received, but also reduces finances for additional expenses. As such, both Trump and Clinton have pledged to reduce the tax code. Clinton has shifted her focus to tax reforms from the $ 1 million income earners. In addition, she also aims at restructuring capital gains taxes based on the income bracket.

Trump seeks to shorten taxes by abridging the current tax bracket to a minority of income earners. Furthermore, he also plans to increase deductibles for both couples and single individuals. By doing so, he aims at revoking current taxes affecting the upper class.

Changing the Tax Code for Small Enterprises

Small & medium enterprise owners have voiced their concerns about existing taxes that derail business growth. Through his website, Trump has outlined a plan that scraps little aspects of tax returns on various companies. On the other hand, Clinton has vowed to tackle the nagging issues that plague small businesses. As such, she intends to make minor changes on a sustainable basis.

Estate Taxes

Both candidates have differed on the most suitable approaches to estate taxes. Trump advocates for the abolition of the property tax. Furthermore, he intends to increase gains from capital tax. However, such benefits compensate grants for farms and small enterprises. On the other hand, Clinton advocates for the reduction of the estate tax.

Mr. Brad Reifler is a prominent entrepreneur in various fields of industry. He currently serves as the CEO and Founder of Forefront Capital. Before holding this powerful post, he served as the chief executive officer of his enterprise, Pali Capital. Brad Reifler successfully managed the company between 1995 and 2008, as credited on Wikipedia.


Moreover, they diversified operations from the U.S to Australia and the U.K. As manager of Forefront, he aids in the selection of competent asset managers to provide investment advice, as he does on his profile, as well as Brad’s Twitter page.

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