Ara Chackerian is known to have lived an exemplary life as an entrepreneur. His career lives have been all about entrepreneurship and investments. He is a diverse person since he is an investor, and entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He is the founder of the TMS Health solutions that are focused on finding treatments for the people who are suffering from resistance in depression treatments. In one of the interviews with Ara Chackerian, he says that he was lucky to be brought up by the kind of the parents his parents were because they trained him since he was a young boy how to thing loudly and harder to be able to have ideas that can be helpful to him in life. He says that this is one of the factors that stimulated him to be who he is today.

Today, Ara Chackerian is also the managing partner at ASC capital holdings that is focused on supporting the early stage healthcare companies. He has also been a committed and dedicated member of a significant number of companies, for example, the TMS Health Solutions and Mint Medical Education. For more info you can visit



As a diverse person, Ara Chackerian also invested in environmental Conservation and preservation through Reforestation in Limonapa SA. He has been a very helpful person in the society especially through his philanthropic work and his advice as a mentor to other entrepreneurs.

As a focused entrepreneur, Ara Checkerian believes that to be successful, you must have the ability to chose the right company for. You should have the ability to know the difference that people bring in you for you to chose who your partners in the business should be. The successful and focused partners will give the challenge and the motivation to work hard to reach where they are.

He also believes that as an entrepreneur you can turn your life experiences to come up with new ideas. Be positive in life and even if you go through hard times in life, turn them into positive ideas and this way you will be in a position to do great things in life. You can check out to see more.



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