In the field of visual art and the industry of creativity, Bridget Scarr is a woman and an individual who stands out in the crowd. She does this with such resilience as to know the pain of closing a business and starting all over to find success again. She now works for a number of purposes but they all have a single goal to give her thoughts and ideas a home and a place to mingle with others.


But on the hierarchy of organized artistic endeavors Bridget Scarr is not just the talent she also holds producer titles and runs her own organization named Colibri. Along with this business, she also functions as a cofounder to other businesses. But at the heart of it all, she is also a mother and head of household who believes in family coming first and takes care of home absolutely every day.


However, when she is not making sure that her houses is in order, which she does so every day at noon because makes an important difference, Bridget Scarr does so mush more. She manages teams that can range from 5 to over 200 individual creative souls. This can be stressful on a person’s mind body and spirit. So, to this end, she believes in one single practice daily without fail. She practices meditation everyday. As matter fact, it is the first thing she does every single day.


This deep meditation keeps all of the cylinders fired up in her mind. And, that is absolute must have when you do what Bridget Scarr does for a living. She heads the content design and sales department of her organization, which means that she has a lot on her plate. Only does she has to find clients and convince them that her services are exactly what they need, she then comes up with the exact perfect content upon their request.


However, due to her previous experience and professional service, displaying such range on the daily basis no problem for Bridget Scarr. She has experience working in such genres as television to animation just to name a few. So, being able to understand to connect with clients everyday and bring them their ideas brought to life is just what she does after so many years of dedication. It most certainly is not always easy to balance her work and home life, but with due diligence and patience it is most definitely always worth it.


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