A Summary Of Robert Deignan’s Business Profile

Robert Deignan is among the few people that have managed to combine both their passions and live comfortably. The IT expert who is passionate about excellent customer care co-founded Advanced tech services, a digital service provider in 2011 after he realized that the available digital providers treated their clients like a nuisance. Before this, he had worked as the managing director of is3, an anti-malware organization that focused on technical support and computer optimization.

He attended the Purdue University on a full football Scholarship where he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Organizational leadership. Immediately after graduation, he played for the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins for three years before he concentrated on the business of technology and established Fanlink. While at the anti-malware company Robert Deignan and his colleagues found a solution to the machines malware and thought of charging a fee to install a software to stop the malware thus giving birth to ATS.

Robert sources for experienced personnel to join his team of experts and teaches them about the company’s values to ensure that they maintain good customer services. Under his guidance, ATS managed to accomplish all the 39 parameters required for call centers certification. His main aim is to let all his customers know that they are well taken care of when it comes to matters in technology. ATS deals with a wide range of issues ranging from mobile phone hitches to Mounting TV in their client’s homes.

In his Opinion, Robert Deignan would preferably employ a person who isn’t smart enough but is hardworking and will comply with the company’s culture. In one of his interviews, he said that his best trend was the fact that most people were more welcoming to the idea of using remote technologies to solve any issue with their computers. Robert recommends “Rework” a book that has helped him maneuver through the harsh business environment because according to him, it could get a little challenging and the book provides a more straightforward approach. He also attributes his productivity to Quickbooks online, software that gives him a chance to update and check reports anywhere as long as he has internet access.



Meet Alex Pall and Drew Who Have Become The Song Of New York City

New York City can be referred to as the springing board of their music career which consequently happens to be the hometown of Alex Pall. Andrew Staggart had to move from Maine to meet his music destiny partner. They have not only swept the city with their intriguing music but also the entire globe.

The duo goes by the band name the Chainsmokers who are specialized in genres like EDM, Pop, and electropop. The band began in 2012 but began its popularity journey in 2014 after the release of their hit song, “Selfie” which became among the best 20 songs in various countries.

In 2015, they released “Roses” which become a hit song in the United States Billboard Hot 100. As a matter of fact, it featured among the top 10 songs. Then they released “Don’t Let Me Down” which earned them the Grammy Award for Best Dance. The single appeared in the top 5 hit songs in the Billboard Hot 100.

When they produced Closer” in 2016 and featured Hasley, Alex Pall and Drew became even more popular. It is quite amazing how Alex Pall and his colleague enjoyed the company of Hasley whom they describe as being “unapologetic and strong in her voice and incredible”. Of course, they will feature her in future in their other songs.

It is unbelievable to many that Alex Pall, who grew as a DJ in NYC, though as his hobby until he met drew, would produce a song. No one could ever think that this DJ duo would sing because DJs viewed to be only good in coming up with beats and being hard-hearted behind his or her DJ booth. But the two has given a different notion.

Alex Pall and Drew are set to reveal who they are to the globe of which it has been appreciated by millions of their fans across the globe. Thanks to social media like Instagram which expands their audience daily.

They are committed to bringing new experiences to their fans with every artistic work they are engaged in. They have plans to go around the globe once again to mingle with their fans whose base is growing daily. They have fans from America, Africa, and Europe among others. No matter your age, Alex Pall and Drew’s music leaves you with this feeling of wanting more.



Emergency Doctor- Eric Forsthoefel

Since he was a young boy wanted to pursue a course in medicine. Erick Forsthoefel graduated from high school and was admitted to the University of Louisville school of medicine and graduated in 2012. After his graduation, he wanted to gain more knowledge in medicine the reason why he went to further his education at Louisiana State University for his residency in emergency medicine. Ever since the completion of his education, he has been practicing as an emergency doctor. For more than six years he has been serving as an emergency doctor with the responsibility of coming up with life-saving techniques for his patients.

Dr. Erick has been responsible for stabilizing and analyzing his patients in advance, and he also determines whether the patients are ready for discharge or they will require special care in the Intensive Care. Being an Emergency doctor, Dr. Erick has been treating illnesses which require attention, and they are critical in nature. Among the conditions he ha seen treating include cuts, fractures, acute illness, trauma as well as cardiac arrest among other conditions. Currently, the emergency doctor serves in Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, and he is among the 26 doctors in the medical facility who specialize in emergency treatment. At the medical facility, Dr. Erick is ranked among the best critical doctors and everyone who gets a chance to see him is lucky to access the beat therapy. Ever since he began his practice, Dr. Forsthoefel has dealt with a broad range of patient’s ranging from children to adults.

Erick is a qualified and certified emergency doctor and has been certified and licensed by various bodies among them Florida State Medical License from 2014, in 2013 the Los Angeles State licensed the emergency doctor, and American Board of Emergency Medicine. His patients and all those who have worked closely with the doctor have given positive reviews about him, and they say he is the best doctor who is always concerned about his patients. To get Dr. Erick’s services one can book an appointment with him or even visit him at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital which is located at 1300 Miccosukee Road, Tallahassee Florida 32308.



Why Consuming Waiakea Water is An Act of Nobility

Many people do not think of the repercussions of their actions. They act at the moment. This has led to massive destructions in some cases. One example is the bottled water company. The water company has grown, and its value is approximated to be at $100 billion worldwide. While this is great from the economic view, the environment has been massively destroyed by the billions of water bottles laying everywhere. A big percentage of consumers do not have the discipline to dispose of trash in the rightful places. The other problem is that the plastic bottle is not decomposable.

The Waiakea bottled company has been working towards getting a solution to the problem. They have launched a water bottle that is decomposable. The plastic bottle will take a maximum of 15 years to decay. This may seem like a lot of time, but in the long run, it will make it possible for the future generations to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Waiakea water bottle is also concerned about the welfare of the society. They use 3% of their revenue to help the charitable organizations in the nation. They also donate clean water for a whole week to Malawi, for every litre of water that is consumed.

These are not the only reasons why many people are consuming the Waiakea water. It is also refreshing. The consumers also find pride in the fact that the water is pure volcanic water. The other thing that has led to high consumption of the Waiakea water is that it is produced in Hawaii. Hawaii is associated with natural products.

The pH of the Waiakea water is 8.2. The pH scale runs between the values 0-14. Products ranging from 0-5.5 are considered very acidic. Seven is neutral, and products between 8 and 14 are highly alkaline. It is good to note that the body needs to maintain a pH of 7.4. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure you don’t consume products that are acidic that may upset the pH of your body. Some companies use machines to raise the pH of their products. This is why you need to be careful about where you buy your products from; ensure they are trusted sources.


Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is Changing Lives

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a high-qualified, professional surgeon who is known internationally. Dr. Rohrich offers many services in the cosmetic surgery industry. Below is the list of services he offers with added descriptions!


Rhinoplasty is the surgical procedure of reshaping, altering the appearance, and even differing the function of the nose. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is known internationally for his specialty in Rhinoplasty. In fact, he is the chairman of the largest rhinoplasty specific medical conferences attended by many rhinoplasty surgeons!


Dr. Rod J. Rohrich feels the urge to correct the aging of the face and uses his advanced skills to do just that. Not only does Dr. Rohrich fit the deep layers of the face, but he also fills in the central cheek section. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is a professional and specialist in the field of work also! Furthermore, he teaches, contributes, and has made major advancements in the modern facelift techniques and he’s known internationally for that, too!

Breast Surgery

If you need breast augmentation or help to enhance the size, shape, and symmetry of your breasts, then Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is the place to go for sure! He specializes in this field, as well, and he even is a founding member of the AiRS Foundation, which is a non-profit organization group that’s dedicated and motivated to help women have the best breast reconstruction so they can live their best, happiest, and most-genuine life!

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is for patients who have encountered a past rhinoplasty but it ultimately concluded as a poor job. Revision rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging and difficult procedure to be performed by plastic surgeons. However, Dr. Rod J. Rohrich’s prestigious academic work, practice, and research give you best possible outcome for revision rhinoplasty.

Hard Work And Dedication Of Dr. Roseann Bennett


Together, Dr. Roseann Bennett and Dr. Todd Bennett, have made it their life’s work to make sure everyone who needs counseling and mental health services would be given the help they need regardless of their financial or insurance situation. They started the non-profit organization-Center for Treatment and Assessment-about eight years ago, and also works in Family Therapy, Individual Therapy (including children) and Marriage Counseling.


They are now embracing the newest thing in health care; Telemedicine, you can communicate with the doctors via an email, a text message, or even face-to-face via the internet. This is a way in which to help people who are not able to come to the office, live far away, or have a busy schedule which makes it difficult to come in, it also helps if you need to communicate with a specialty doctor whose office is far away. Some situations work using this method such as in a counseling situation, while other situations are better off being held in person. Refer to This Article for more information.


With all the tragedies going on today, businesses and schools are now learning the importance of getting their employees and students help when they are having issues. No one wants another shooting at a school or office because no one got them help when they needed it. Preventive help is now what doctors are working on instead of things getting out of hand. It is important to help people with mental health assistance or simply dealing with stress and anger.


Dr. Roseann Bennett has an extensive education, which includes her Master’s Degree as well as her Education Specialist Degree in Children, Family, and Marriage Counseling, as well as her license in all three of these areas. She continued on to receive her Cognitive Behavior Therapy license and is Certified as a Clinical Trauma Doctor as well as getting Certified in Child and Adolescent Trauma.


Bennett has over a decade of experience working in all of these areas as well as understanding and dealing with most mental health issues. As is that was not enough, she is also a contributing writer in various newspapers and magazines.


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