What’s The Difference In Lime Crime’s Perlees And Velvetines?


While most have never heard of Lime Crime, it’s likely because they didn’t know that they needed vegan friendly makeup. While they claim that Lime Crime is makeup for unicorns, that couldn’t possibly be true, because unicorns are gorgeous without makeup. However, it is certified vegan and cruelty free makeup that anyone can wear because of it’s all natural ingredients. None of their products are made with any animal ingredients containing animal byproducts and nothing is tested on animals.


Lime Crime’s most popular product is their matte glosses that started the company. It was inspired by the CEO’s love of red roses. Their first product was a liquid matte gloss that remains their best seller. These are called velvetines, because they are modeled after rose petals and their soft, rich color and feel. These are very heavily pigmented glosses that are long lasting so that you don’t have to reapply every hour or so. It will last through eating a meal, and won’t dry out your lips. Velvetines come in 42 different colors so that you can get the matte look you’ve been wanting in almost any color palette that you can think of so that you have the perfect look day or night.


Pearlees, their second most popular product is a metallic matte gloss that give your lips a pearlescent sheen to them all day long. Unlike other lip pigments that have to be layered for the same effect, Pearlees are one metallic matte gloss that does all of it for you.


No matter what sort of look you’re going for, Lime Crime can help you achieve it with their Perlees and Velvetines. For a smooth, long- lasting finish, you won’t be able to live without these fantastic mattes once you try them. Not only will you be supporting a U.S. based business, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that no unicorns were hurt in the process of creating your fabulous lip tints.

The Manse On Marsh For The Finest In Assisted Living

The Manse on Marsh is an independent assisted living facility that offers comfortable living quarters in a totally safe environment. Here you will have the option to live in a studio apartment, a 1-bedroom apartment, a house, or a cottage. You will have the opportunity to get all the assistance you need from a friendly and highly trained staff.

Services Provided

When you reside at Manse on Marsh, you are able to order a level of assistance that suits you particular needs and desires. You can have a caregiver at your beck and call every day and night of the week, and medication technicians are available for you too. Your bed is made every morning, and your rubbish is removed every night. Every day, you get 3 tickets for meals. Some of the activities you can engage in include yoga, craft making, tea parties, shopping, cards, and more. If your stay at Manse on Marsh is temporary and you need time to recuperate from an illness or a stressful situation, Manse on Marsh will encourage you to take advantage of the services their care department provides. Complimentary benefits include laundry service, house cleaning, food, and concierge service.

Advantages of Using a Manse on Marsh Service

When you use a Manse on Marsh service, you get quality care the minute you ask for it, and you feel a sense of security that puts you at ease. The care staff will help you any night or day of the week, and their response time is approximately one minute.

The owner of Manse on Marsh committed himself to building fine communities for seniors at the age of 23. Chris Skiff has taken part in the development of 20 plus assisted living communities since then. The Manse on Marsh is one of the best.

SEC Whistleblower Attorney Help People Break Their Silence


Modern day society depends on the ability of people to speak out when they witness any form of wrongdoing. People must feel confident they can say something if they see that something is wrong. This is why many government officials have offered rewards for those who do so. They know how important it is for people to be able to speak out confidently should they spot something that went wrong. One law firm has stepped forward to help make sure that people all over the world can speak out and speak about a problem they might have noticed in their workplace. They know that it is useful to have counsel on their side during the process of speaking out.


Advocating For SEC Whistleblowers


Those at the law firm of Labaton Sucharow have established a practice that allows anyone who sees a problem that needs to be corrected to get access to skilled legal counsel. With the help of an SEC whistleblower attorney, they know that any worker need not fear problems should they alert the world to an issue that might break the law at their workplace. They also know that it is much easier for someone to step forward and alert the authorities when they have an SEC whistleblower lawyer with them during the entire process. The lawyers at their firms can offer them legal advice during the process of filing a claim and then testifying about the problems they have seen in front of them.


Monetary Rewards


At Labaton Sucharow, they know that Congress has provided for fiscal compensation for anyone who makes those in power aware of a problem that may exist. With their help, any person who is bringing attention to a problem may be eligible for hundreds and even thousands of dollars in compensation. Laws passed allow for someone blowing the whistle on a problem to claim between ten and thirty percent of any financial yield from their decision to alert the authorities about problems they note.  They will make sure that anyone who is reporting this problem is now able to get the funds that are due to them under the laws that have been passed.

US Money Reserve Highlights Options With A Self-Directed IRA

According to US Money Reserve analysts, “More and more savvy individuals are taking advantage of IRA’s, yet the question here is your IRA working for you, or are you really working for your IRA.” Stocks, bonds and mutual funds, are not the only assets you can include in a retirement fund. You can also include multi-family real estate and precious metals like gold coins and bars. These options also offer deferred or tax-free benefits.


What is a an Individual Self-Directed IRA Retirement Account? It is a type that gives more flexibility to the investor to make investment decisions and investments in non-traditional assets. These can include all kinds of investments, yet the most popular kinds are real estate and precious metals. Many people are under the assumption that a retirement account should be exclusively set up with stocks and bonds and that’s a mistake. “Investors are favoring a self directed IRA account because of the tax treatment of the assets and investors have more control over the type of favorable investments in the account,” says a US Money Reserve analyst.


Opportunities With A Self-Directed IRA


Most investors are only looking to save a nest egg for their golden years, however, they fail to consider that it is possible to generate long-term cash flow and revaluation of capital by investing in multifamily real estate within their retirement plan. What’s more, they don’t round out their retirement plan with stable gold. When it comes to real estate, we’re not talking about buying shares in a public REIT, but rather investing in tangible, income-generating property with little or no debt. Once people are educated about the benefits of buying real estate through an IRA, they realize the opportunities that they’ve been missing out on, and the benefit of including cash flowing real estate in their retirement plan.


So Why Include Gold In An IRA?


Since the year 2000, the price of gold has had an upward trend, and even during times that were considered poor performance, the Gold price has quadrupled in the last 10 years.


Another tip from US Money Reserve analysts, when considering between the options, Gold coins provides more security to the investor since they are coined on both sides and there is no other currency that can be regarded as the safest way to invest.

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